Wearable Music & Perhaps Gaming Titles Too?

Nick Dangerfield, the founder and creator of Playbutton, showcases his product which aims to market music albums permanently embedded on mp3 players, housed in a rather retro "Button" casing.

Perhaps the possibility of branching out into gaming, and beyond?

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kdogdaddy2912d ago

Really like the concepts and possibilities brought forward with this product.

Losi2912d ago

Wow, agreed. Carrying around CoD: Modern Space Combat pinned to your shirt just became reality!

ChronoJoe2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Loses it's purpose entirely as far as games consoles go. As music you can play it, off of the button.... as a game you obviously can't.

Won't take off since it costs more than regular albums/CD and has less functionality. Unless the button comes with the DD version of the music too, perhaps.

Evildoomnerd2910d ago

I can see these becoming insanely popular and collectible amongst teens and other youth if marketed properly. Anyone remember "HitClips"?