Where's 'Hip-Hop Hero'? Plus 'Rock Band,' Wii Zapper & More, In GameFile

Does the "Guitar Hero"-crazed gaming world want "Turntable Hero"? Would the people excited for MTV's upcoming "Rock Band" be equally receptive to "Rap Band"?

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3878d ago

Rap is the music youths listen to in todays world. Rock is the past time, like many of the songs avaliable for these rock games. They're classics.

stunt2133878d ago

I would buy hip hop hero first than guitar hero cuz i listen to lots of rap

socomnick3877d ago

I listen to more rap than rock but I have to say rap music requires alot alot less talent than rock music. Just look at who is leading the charts in the hip hop community at the moment. 50 cent, plies , t-pain all morons that cant even talk right plies for example blends whole sentences into one word.

okcomputer3877d ago

50 cent a moron? You can say his music sucks or whatever, you're entitled to an opinion on that, but you'd be blind not to see that he's an extremely intelligent man. Just look at his business record. He makes money in almost everything he gets his hands into, also, check out the calculating way that he formats his albums to have the most mass appeal. He'll never have an album that caters to just one group like a lot of musicians will. 50 is not only one of the smartest people in the rap world, but in the music business as a whole.

Jdash243878d ago

rap really sucks IMHO, and so many ppl at my highschool really like it, but there all retarded, think theres a connection?

ItsDubC3877d ago

IMHO, rap is the worst subgenre of hip-hop music that exists and the sad part is that a lot of ppl believe that rap is representative of hip-hop music as a whole because it is the form most prominent in the mainstream media. Don't let a Top 40 radio station and MTV/BET mislead you about what hip-hop music really is.

razer3878d ago

Hip-Hop hero?? That's a big no thanks!

Talking into a microphone doesn't seem like good gameplay to me..

Maybe some beat matching would be cool.. but erm maybe not.

Frances-the-Mute3877d ago

how will that work?, no skill is required for a game like this

Leg-End3877d ago

(only british ppl will know wtf i'm talking about from now on)

i'd like t'a start chavin it out wit me maytes on rave hero innit lyke di(khead, i'll fu(kin' ave ya online mayte
and don't fu(kin get coky you 'ked, i'll knife ya you ya

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