Is This Steam Sale Hurting Developers?

With so many games on sale, are developers actually suffering from devaluing their games while not making up for it in an increase in sales?

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EL1TE2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

I don't think so. Some people wouldn't buy some games if they were not on sale.

catguykyou2887d ago

Considering that none of the games that steam sells is physical and the majority of them are older titles, its nice extra income for these companies that didn't have to spend any extra to get.

JsonHenry2887d ago

How does it hurt the devs? STEAM has already paid for each license that they sell. What does it matter to the dev the price that STEAM discounts it to? The devs already got their money! (in most cases)

ct032887d ago

Indeed. I'm sure I don't speak only for myself when I say that these sales make me buy games I never would have bought otherwise.

Bobby Kotex2887d ago

Just bought Just Cause 2. I know it got decent reviews, but I never felt compelled to buy it, but now it's freaking $7.50. I'll definitely give it a try.

bumnut2886d ago

i love jc2, really fun game

JsonHenry2887d ago

I bought FEAR2 and AC2. Yes, I know both games were well reviewed, one more so than the other. However, for my personal taste (I like RTS and RPGs) I would have never purchased them for $60. Now that they were both sub $15 I picked them up without thinking twice.

Dac2u2886d ago

I bought nine games and two expansions and also gifted Civ IV + expansions to my brother so we can play together. I absolutely 100% would not have purchased the majority of those games. Since, they were on sale for such a good price, I bought up a few good titles. Civ IV and its expansions for $6, The Witcher Director's Cut for $5, Super Meat Boy and a few other indie titles.

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NYC_Gamer2887d ago

this sale helps move a lot of software that other wise might not be brought

STONEY42887d ago

I have a ton of games off Steam which I would have never bought, but the sales always get me... currently, I mean, how could I resist that Rockstar pack? Sure, I already have GTA4 and San Andreas on PC, and some of the other games on there on PS2, but $40 for all GTAs, Max Payne (YESSS), and Bully? And Episodes from Liberty City? On PC?

*clicks add to cart*

Oh, when I saw Trine for about $5 earlier this year,

*clicked add to cart*

Or, "ZOMG it's Torchlight, the game similar to Diablo that I never really intended to buy due to my Blizzard fanboy mindset but there's this cheeaaap sale on it..."

*clicked add to cart*

The beauty of Steam sales and impulse buying.

allyc4t2887d ago

I highly doubt they would put stuff on sale if it was hurting them.

Pandamobile2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

I've bought like 7 indie titles in the last two weeks thanks to Steam's treasure hunt and Holiday sale.


Make that 8, just bought Trials 2.

Dac2u2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

That treasure hunt was pure evil/genius! I bought three games from the treasure hunt. And seven games from the Christmas sale and I'm sure I'll buy more before it's through.

GrilledCheeseBook2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

the publishers set prices so no i don't believe this is hurting them
half the games people buy probably wouldn't have been bought if they weren't on sale

well read the comments and you have developers defending the sales and there's your answer to the question of if the sales are ethical for the developers

Ducky2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Yup. The comments below the article pretty much answer the article's concerns.

Judging by all the hats I see on TF2, there must be a ridiculous number of people who buy games just to get a TF2 hat. (Although only a few games get promoted in that fashion)

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