5 PS3 Games for Christmas

Bright Hub: Finding games for that special person isn't always going to be easy. It might be that you're not a huge Slimgamer, or it could it be that you don't know what type of games he/she is into. Well don't worry. In this article we'll list five PS3 games for Christmas which will appeal to any and every type of gamer out there.

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Myst2888d ago

Think I'm going to try and shoot for GT5 now that I finally got a HDTV that will do it some justice.

scar202888d ago

Take out Blk Ops and put in Sly collection other than that good list.

jc485732888d ago

sorry, but I prefer my own list for Christmas. I also don't like the idea of buying a game for Christmas where I get to shoot people.

nefertis2888d ago

gt5=win, sense when did lbp2 launch?

HarryMonogenis2888d ago

The article states that it would make as a awesome pre-order gift. :)

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