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Microsoft wants Windows 8 to relaunch PC gaming

Microsoft will use Windows 8 to relaunch itself at the forefront of PC gaming, TechRadar understands, with the software giant ready to put its weight behind the platform once more. (Microsoft, PC)

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NewMonday  +   1749d ago
With Xbox live and official 360 emulation maybe?
Cajun Chicken  +   1749d ago
You WANT to PAY for something that's free?

I'm sticking with Steam buddy, at least they add and tweak things.
Kran  +   1749d ago
Could have sworn Xbox Live does that too.

I mean, wasnt there an update that uploaded the whole dashboard?
Blaze929  +   1749d ago
@Cajun Chicken
Xbox LIVE on Windows is free now buddy...
MAJ0R  +   1749d ago
yeah but steam is way better, just look at the deals they are having

and valve actually cares about pc gaming, not just money
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Darkfocus  +   1749d ago
while I agree steam is much better(I hate GFWL used to crash on me all the time) GFWL did have some really good deals a while ago they had really good games that were fairly new on sale for like a $1
KotC  +   1749d ago
Steam and Live on PC are free to use.

Cajun Chicken use google for some facts.
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BattleAxe  +   1749d ago
Steam is my #1 place to be on the PC, but I welcome a new Microsoft attitude towards PC gaming. I hope they inegrate all of their services and hopefully they'll finally get smart and release all of their top exclusive games on GFWL.
ComboBreaker  +   1749d ago
"Microsoft wants Windows 8 to relaunch PC gaming"
Translation: Microsoft wants to get Xbox Live Premium onto the PC too, and force PC gamers to subscribe to Xbox Live Premium on the PC, just to play online games. All Windows 8 games will now require an Xbox Live Premium subscribtion.
Cajun Chicken  +   1749d ago
It won't be if you expect to play with the community on the OTHER XBL.
Elven6  +   1749d ago
Fact check dude, all of that is already free. I can play Shadowrun with gamers on PC and the Xbox 360 for free if I'm on a PC. If I play on 360, I'd have to pay for Live but I could still pay with everyone else.

Everything Xbox Live has to offer is free on the PC. I don't buy Xbox Live Gold that much anymore since most of the Xbox Live gaming I do can be done through a PC for free.
IRetrouk  +   1749d ago
you cant play shadow run because the servers are shut down
BattleAxe  +   1749d ago
I've got a GFWL account, and I have a couple of people on my friends list who are on Xbox Live. They can see all my PC achievements and we can message each other cross platform.
Elven6  +   1749d ago
IRetrouk: The servers aren't shut down, I was playing the game the other day.
KotC  +   1748d ago
Shadow is up and running, I don't think they will ever shut them down because MLG gamers still play it.
ATi_Elite  +   1749d ago
Microsoft can die for all I care.
Microsoft is crawling back to the PC with it's head down and tail between it's castrated legs.

Well sorry M$, PC gaming doesn't want you or need you. I only see M$ trying to migrate it's hoard of xbox cronies to the PC and flooding GFWL w/ a bunch of 360 console ports. That's not innovation.

Valve w/ Steam is doing for PC gamers what Sony is doing for PS3 gamers but only better in some aspects cause a month ago i got owned by a Valve developer in HL2 Death Match but any way M$ is all about money and has ZERO love for their community except to rape them every chance they can.

No way am I installing GFWL, or getting a xbox live account, or paying for some stupid xbox live type subscription on the PC when online gaming is FREE. only MORONS would do that. Besides Halo Gears Fable are OVERRATED anyway. (Halo 1 and 2 PC Fable 1 PC Gears 1 PC)

As a PC gamer I dam sure don't want to be bothered with any FN 360 owner online as the whole 360 community is a bunch of juvenile delinquents who game like a bunch of clowns and spew the most vile, vulgar, and racist remarks on xbox live that I have every heard.

Microsoft PLEASE stay on your xbox and stay the hell away from the PC, it's been so much better without you.
TheROsingleB  +   1749d ago

Capdastaro  +   1749d ago
As he says this using his Windows Operating System...
ATi_Elite  +   1749d ago
@ Capdastaro

I have a custom built PC and yes I have Windows 7 64 bit XP and Win 7 32bit. But my main OS is OSX 10.5 because I'm running a Hackintosh as well.

I never said anything bad about M$ OS as they are very good, I don't respect M$ for gaming but why am i explaining this to you when it's obvious your a 360 fanboy who will buy anything Microsoft tells you to buy without thinking. so go buy another 360 and a kinect and have fun reading NPD sales reports instead of playing games.

I'm sure when Microsoft starts charging people to play PC games online you'll be the first one signed up and bragging on N4G about how cool you are. Just remember you bought Black OPs $60, an xbox live subscription $50 now an extra $10 bucks more so now your paying Activision to play their games online as well as paying just to play xbox online.

Xbox the more you pay the less Exclusives you get.
kaveti6616  +   1749d ago
"why am i explaining this to you when it's obvious your a 360 fanboy who will buy anything Microsoft tells you to buy without thinking."

Slow your roll, dude.

You're so quick to point a finger and label people. You need to calm down.
dragonelite  +   1749d ago
Probably means it will launch with directX 12.
jakethesnake  +   1749d ago
Yes - and it will have the same effect that Vista had I'm sure with DX10.

Microsoft seems to be stuck on a cycle of Bad OS/Good OS (ME - fail, XP - success, Vista - fail, Win7 - success). Personally, I'm prepared to avoid Windows 8 and wait for the fixed Windows 9.
dragonelite  +   1749d ago
Vista did not fail driver support was just shitty at launch. And the reason why 7 launched so well because vista and 7 are build on the same frame so vista driver could be used under windows 7.

Atleast this is what i was told.
Rage_S90  +   1749d ago
what im getting from this is live is free on pc wow xbox people are getting robbed seriously thats f*ck up
SnakeMustDie  +   1749d ago
Vesemir  +   1749d ago
I want PC gaming back to what it was before companies started getting a little too greedy.
GodofSackboy  +   1749d ago
Maybe they wouldn't have left if PC games weren't getting pirated 20 times more than they were getting bought.
Vesemir  +   1749d ago
That's because lots of people on poor or half-developed countries owns a mid ranged PC while they don't own a newgen console.

More people owns a PC, hence the piracy rate is higher.
Nothing will change that.

And Yes, they are greed because they want every PC owner in the world to buy their stuff, and that's not necessarily the case, we all know that. Lots of people don't have the funds to support a gaming hobbie like we do. But they own a PC. The rest we all know.
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Elven6  +   1749d ago
People pirate just as much in "developed nations", the difference is most the pirating in "developing nations" is bought through physical mediums while it's mostly digital everywhere else.
theafroman  +   1749d ago
good luck steam is the best
kaveti6616  +   1749d ago
I'd rather MS work with Valve to release games through STEAM.
Croaker  +   1749d ago
I would like to see this too. Though I won't hold my breath for this to happen.
zagibu  +   1748d ago
It WILL happen, because GFWL will continue to fail.
marioPSUC  +   1749d ago
Sorry MS, dont think thats gonna work when theres things like Steam out that tons of PC gamers love. I dont think MS would be as kind and give out the amazing deals that Steam has
Kran  +   1749d ago
Not true. Microsoft have done some great deals on Games for Windows live. I got Backlight, as bad as it may be, for 80MSP.

Also, this article doesnt specify what KIND of PC gaming they do. Yes, they have Games for Windows Live, but they may be thinking on PC gaming as a whole, with steam and those crappy £2 games that nobody buys. Oh and MMORPG's.

I think what they mean is like the Alienware.
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marioPSUC  +   1749d ago
$2 games nobody buys on steam? They do great deals every day and people buy the things all the time.

Ok and so MS has some deals, but theres no way that they would have the types of deals Steam does.
NYC_Gamer  +   1749d ago
steam always have great deals/bigger selection of titles
Bodster  +   1749d ago
having Bad Company 2 at £6.79 the other day is a perfect example :)

<3 steam!
Pandamobile  +   1749d ago
The only way they're PC games will succeed is if they have them on Steam.
Belasco  +   1749d ago
Does this mean the slow abandonment of the console market?
Kleptic  +   1749d ago
Its no joke that they could approach windows 8 and therefor PC as their next campaign on hardcore gaming...

Pretty much everyone is clear now that MS simply doesn't have a clear business strategy on what they are trying to do in the gaming industry...this has nothing to do with whether they are successful in the industry or not...but more to do with what are they doing exactly?...

Its starting to play out like the US and Vietnam...10 years ago MS starts a massive expenditure to take on the hardcore console gaming crowd...Spending billions to enstate their name in the industry, and did a tremendous job of capturing core audiences of a major territory...During this time they did seemingly let go of PC gaming for the most part, or at least the profits that could have been made...and let 3rd party publishers and companies set up shop...namely Valve with Steam...

So now...in 2010, MS still has the US with the 360...but are apparently letting it go entirely...Spending half a billion ONLY on marketing a motion device to a casual audience (read: Ellen)...With little evidence to show they still 'care' about the people they so diligently tried to impress over the past decade...

And now what?...MS is apparently moving back to Windows as their go to gaming platform for hardcore gaming fans?...ok...I guess...they spent billions trying to take it from Sony on consoles...succeeded in the US for the most part...but are seemingly unwilling to keep up with the demands of that audience, and give it back to Sony?...

its the gaming equivalent of spending 20 days taking Hill 'X' in Vietnam, then marching right off of it a day after they finally control it...MS will probably do fine at whatever they decide, because they have no problem throwing money at problems to make them go away...but as far as the public sitting back and watching...all of us are clearly confused on what exactly they are trying to accomplish...
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ATi_Elite  +   1749d ago

You make a very good point, your post was right on.
I think me and you understand that it's not about Sony, PC, or 360 fanboys versus one another cause that's actually stupid. it's about gamers sticking up for one another.

M$ abandoned the PC but luckily Steam and others picked up the torch and the PC no longer technically even needs any Microsoft product to run games. I would like M$ to come back (they have great resources, money, and talent) but only if they are committed to the PC but.....

Now M$ is now abandoning all 41 million core 360 owners and i'm sure they feel used but luckily they can go buy a Sony PS3. this shows you once again M$ is only in it for the quick cash and not the long haul.

Microsoft has burned PC gamers, they currently are burning the 360 Core gamers so as a GAMER I say screw Microsoft as a gaming company because they will burn you down the road. supporting M$ gaming today will get you burned tomorrow.

I'm glad someone else recognizes what a sleazy company Microsoft (gaming division) is. It's just SAD that some fanboys are too blind to see this and will follow M$ like sheep no matter how bad M$ screws them.
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Kleptic  +   1749d ago
ha thanks man...

I am only really interested in MS from a sociological standpoint...as in...how can a company that repeatedly shows where their interests are in this industry...earn such an army of ignorant fans in a single generation?...I guess the key word is 'ignorance'...
Belasco  +   1749d ago
I really don't think I am ignorant to anything dealing with MS and I am a fan, just saying.
Croaker  +   1749d ago
I don't see MS backing off of the console market. What I think is that they foresaw an easy win in the console market, like you said, they throw money around to make their problems go away. No, I see MS sticking in and slugging it out. They've seen how they've gotten the US market, mostly. I do agree that MS does not have a clear strategy.

It'll be interesting to see what happens here, but I thought that MS was to do this with win7!?

Personally, I don't think MS will get serious with PC gaming anytime soon. If ever again.
I would like to see them do so, though. The more companies and development houses we can get to support the PC, the better.
darthkai  +   1749d ago
And I want Micro$oft to stop BSing, but hey, you can't always get what you want...

BTW, I thought Windows 7 was supposed to relaunch PC gaming, no?

Maybe one day, Valve, on their way to world domination, could make an OS. Now THAT I would be interested in...
Kleptic  +   1749d ago
Google will make an OS for PC's most likely, or be fully affiliated with a company that has google integration built in...and Valve would easily be some sort of partner in that on the gaming end...Steam clearly shows they 'get' gamers...

yeah...then Valve becomes a multi-billion company...and MS has some SERIOUS problems to overcome...
StarScream4Ever  +   1749d ago
Well that's stupid. Didn't they say a few months back that Win7 and GFWL would be the 'relaunch' of PC gaming? Yea MS shot themselves in the foot apparently. Good luck with that on Win8. And leave the door open for Steam on your way out!
Bladestar  +   1749d ago
bear with me as I try to explain something that may be outside of your intellectual capabilities. Windows 8 is an operating system... Steam is a software that run and requires an operating system such as windows 8. If what Microsoft is saying was limited to digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform they would not be talking about an operating system but a software that would run in windows vista, windows 7... not really that far from xbox live.

I think they may be talking about windows 8 having functionality like kinect or new programing libraries in DirectX that allows developers to do more.

Sorry if I made your head spin with information that may not made for children.
Baka-akaB  +   1749d ago
last i check win 8 was leaning more toward cloud capabilities for software .

That's probably what's "new" for gaming .

Wich is easy for steam to do
Bladestar  +   1749d ago
definition for cloud computing: Computing in which services and storage are provided over the Internet.

I should know, I am a programmer developing cloud based software. You see.. xbox live is cloud based. a website is cloud base. server based multiplay is cloud base. Any game that plays online and require a remote service for keeping score, etc is using cloud based computing.

Don't confuse SAS (Software As Service) with cloud computing. Though SAS is by design cloud based... cloud computing is being done for a long time. Browser based games are cloud based.

Steam does not do SAS and games required download and install unless they are browser based.

Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform which by the way will be install in windows 8... in case you didn't know Steam requires an OS and it's not use to make games.
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StarScream4Ever  +   1749d ago
Bear with me as I would like to point out the fact that MS stated that Win 7 amd GFWL was to be the 'relaunch' of PC gaming. Now they buck that and say,'Oh we decided that we would focus on PC gaming when Win8 take off."

There is something wrong with that mentality right there. Why should I pay to upgrade my already stable OS for a new OS when I can keep playing on my current OS with Steam as my prefer platform for PC gaming.

If MS want to relaunch PC gaming then they should stop talking sht and provide support to the PC developers in allowing choices on how to release their product. Also cloud gaming is still far away.
Baka-akaB  +   1749d ago

I am saying that valve could decide to do it with steam at some point in the future . be it on their own or with a partner

It's unlikely they'll settle with just being a "regular gaming platform" ... especially with concurrents at its doorstep (even if steam wipe the floor with them) .
ironmonkey  +   1749d ago
so basically fuck xbox 360 games coming out, sell kinect shit, and lets get back into pc gaming
jack_burt0n  +   1748d ago
bam there it is LMFAO.
ngecenk  +   1749d ago
trust me thats the last thing they want. it probably nvidia/ati/intel speaking.

the rise of (hardcore) pc gaming will suffer xbox 360 selling, and ms gain no profit from pc gaming.
theonlylolking  +   1749d ago
No more direct X! Open GL is better.
Baka-akaB  +   1749d ago
yeah but that ship long sailed away via intensive courting of devs , and some bullying .

Open gl died the day Id software switched to d3d .
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Pandamobile  +   1749d ago
DirectX is easier for developers (most of the time)
dkgshiz  +   1749d ago
If more developers used.
Open GL, you could see way more games on linux and mac. Which would be nice.
HeartDisease  +   1749d ago
if casuals will not buy wiis, or xbox with kinect, and they already have pcs....hmmmmm hmmmm
kinect for pc, now with windows 8 support! this is microsofts pc gaming "relaunch".
EditorAtGNG  +   1749d ago
Wait, didn't they want to achieve this with Win7?
killalot100  +   1749d ago
Whats stopping them from doing it know? Not being a smart ass just really want to know why?
tommyth3cat  +   1749d ago
No offense, but why wait 2 years... Just start making deals and increasing your library now MS. SHOW that you actually want to be a player in the PC market. On top of that, don't segregate your communities, and instead of clunky and cumbersome multiplayer put some thought into how to make it easy and reliable like Vavle's server browser.
dirthurts  +   1749d ago
I just hope this means Gears 3 on PC
That's really all I want.
Belasco  +   1749d ago
Does anyone here think there will be a next Xbox? Just wanted opinions.
WeSeePC  +   1749d ago
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CYBERHATER  +   1749d ago
So whats wrong with windows 7? Not good enough or is it just the money?
x800  +   1749d ago
we dont need another OS.
Batmau5  +   1749d ago
Windows 7 is doing fine for gaming, i dont want to think about windows 8 right now..
Pjuice  +   1749d ago
they just want to get some revenue like steam does, gabe newell will be in forbes most likely next year not cause of the games valve made but cause of distributing them with steam and that just shows you how much hes making off steam which helps pc gaming because other corporations see that and want a piece of the pie good luck microsoft you have a huge hill to climb, jump off that 360 console crap and come back to real gaming but don't put crap out pc gamers aren't like console gamers they don't buy junk :-)

p.s: its awsome Rahul Sood is leading this hes the one who exposed average pc gamers owning team xbox360 on fps games and thats why cross-platform never took place he should start buy bundling remedy's alan wake the halos and gears 2 lol with windows 8 for free we already seen the screens in alpha version of pc of alan wake looked way better than final of the 360 as long as gameplay is good it could work.. even though im not huge fans of those franchises would nice to show they really want pc gaming back, and then build a quality fps and id be right back on board with ms.
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Ame_No_Shiryuu  +   1748d ago
what next...?, windows 9, 10, 11, 12.., n ???, no thanks.., f*ck that, same shit over and over.., what can't you do with XP honestly..?
Pandamobile  +   1748d ago
y0haN  +   1746d ago
Have better multicore/thread support... use over 4GB of RAM... (Who's using XP x64?)
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creamsoda  +   1748d ago
Yeah I believe the OS has already been perfected theres not much more you can do to improve on it.
Jacobite  +   1748d ago
Microsoft wants Windows 8 to relaunch PC gaming have we not heard this crap before with Windows 7 mmmmmmmmm
turgore  +   1748d ago
Valve doesn't care about you. They only want your money. But they are a good business because they listen to what their customers want...unlike some companies.
Pizza  +   1748d ago
MS actually supports PC gaming.

MS refused lots of MMO to running on x360 that's why most MMOs are on PC.

MS develops DX11 and it's good for PC gamer.

BUT.. MS can show their support on existing OS instead of win8 but MS doesn't.
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