Microsoft aiming at Windows 8 for PC Gaming

We can all pretty much agree that Microsoft (MS) has a sort of A.D.D. when it comes to PC gaming. A great idea or product will come to launch, only to be left out in the cold and dead shortly thereafter. Good thing seems to be that MS understands this and has since taken a firm stand that gaming will “be a key component for the whole OS”.

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ksense2862d ago

gears of war 3 on pc is my prediction because that would be sweet to play online on dedicated servers with no lag.

Blaze9292862d ago

pretty sure Gears of War 2 on PC would have to come first...just sayin'

As far as Halo and Gears are concerned, as long as Microsoft is publishing them I think they are done with making Windows ports. Guess we'll see down the line.

Anarki2862d ago

They will no doubt make you pay for it though and be part of xboxlive.

multipayer2862d ago

Fable 3 PC announcement says hi... and nobody would pay for a subscription service on pc, we've been over this already. That's why gfwl is free now, just like all the other online pc games before it. Xbox live should be free, but the fanbase is a bit too stupid/poor to argue.

I'd actually be fine with gears of war 2 though, since I was unable to play it with the crappy matchmaking on 360 and it made me ragequit my subscription to xbox live forever. Also, just implementing DirectX11 would instantly make it the best looking gears of war anyway.

ApexHell2862d ago

fable 3 on pc :) fable 2 wasnt on it.

Mundo2862d ago

gears 3 on xbox will have dedicated servers in case you did not know about it.

Raoh2862d ago

as far as pc gamers go, gears isnt that big of a deal.. there are much better ways to get pc gamers attention. gears is more of a console thing.

catguykyou2862d ago

Gears 2 added dedicated servers in one of the last updates.

ATi_Elite2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Microsoft is crawling back to the PC with it's head down and tail between it's castrated legs.

Well sorry M$, PC gaming doesn't want you or need you. I only see M$ trying to migrate it's hoard of xbox cronies to the PC and flooding GFWL w/ a bunch of 360 console ports. That's not innovation.

Valve w/ Steam is doing for PC gamers what Sony is doing for PS3 gamers but only better in some aspects cause a month ago i got owned by a Valve developer in HL2 Death Match but any way M$ is all about money and has ZERO love for their community except to rape them every chance they can.

No way am I installing GFWL, or getting a xbox live account, or paying for some stupid xbox live type subscription on the PC when online gaming is FREE. only MORONS would do that. Besides Halo Gears Fable are OVERRATED anyway. (Halo 1 and 2 PC Fable 1 PC Gears 1 PC)

As a PC gamer I dam sure don't want to be bothered with any FN 360 owner online as the whole 360 community is a bunch of juvenile delinquents who game like a bunch of clowns and spew the most vile, vulgar, and racist remarks on xbox live that I have every heard.

Microsoft PLEASE stay on your xbox and stay the hell away from the PC, it's been so much better without you.

SnakeMustDie2862d ago

As much as I want the xbox franchises to come to PC, i rather have Valve run PC gaming. Steam is proven to overall better than GFWL. Still, options are welcome.

Mundo2862d ago

Don't think the consumer base is comfortable with another iteration of windows. We already dealt with so much advertising from windows 7, can't take another round of it :-(

Charmers2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Microsoft is noting but a minnow in the PC gaming world these days. I would go as far to say that Microsoft is considered a dirty word in PC gaming.

I can't see anything they could possibly do in Win8 that would improve their reputation or standing in the PC gaming world. Hell a lot of PC gamers keep dreaming for the day when Valve goes "we are making an operating system for the PC gamer". I know I would ditch Windows in a second if there was an alternative for PC gamers.

Darkfocus2862d ago

they could make the OS perform significantly better for games, I'd buy it then.

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