IncGamers: RIFT Beta Test Analysis With Trion's Scott Hartsman

IncGamers talked to RIFT’s Executive Producer and look at the state of the game and discuss how the Beta test was going.

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Fyzzu2734d ago

Rift is really shaping up well. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it, and there's plenty of good stuff in this interview :)

Letros2734d ago

Yea this MMORPG sounds like its shaping up nicely, seems like they are taking their time, making sure there are no serious downfalls that could hurt it early on.

NegativeCreepWA2734d ago

I played the 2nd test last weekend had a great time playing it. The way rifts work is awesome, they also had an event on the fly with no updates telling everyone to get get ready for a big rift, over 50+ players ended up fighting off the rift with no slow downs. The game doesn't do much new, but it does a lt things right. And its was probably the most polished beta I've ever played no major or really minor problems to speak of. The class system is very customizable to.