User Creatable Content for Call of Duty 4

The game profile page for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the official xbox site lists "User Creatable Content" as an Xbox Live feature for the game.

Could this mean that gamers will get a chance to submit their own content for the game to be downloaded via the Xbox Live Marketplace?

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Anemeros3749d ago

I am almost 100% certain that this refers to the option to create custom classes. That's all, so don't get too excited.

neogeo3750d ago

Can PS3 get some of dat too please?

Havince3750d ago

on eart is my UK beta key

started dishing them out Monday they said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Alymon3749d ago

It could be anything.... though on the Missions section of right now there's an option suggest a multiplayer perk for the game. So maybe they are planning on including community ideas in the final product.

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