The 10 Biggest Flops in Video Games

Missed deadlines, nasty glitches, and incompetence: This rogue's gallery of games over-promised and under-delivered in a big way.

What constitutes a colossal flop? After hours upon hours of research (thanks Google and Wikipedia!), the following games were selected from a pool of mediocrity due to their brazen use of hype, failed expectations, dismal sales, or all of the above.

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TriggerHappy3787d ago

Whiles I agree with most of the Games on the list, I dont think every Tomb Raider game has been a flop. Some of them sucked yes. But not all of them.

toughNAME3787d ago

Lair isnt on the list if thats the reason your clicking the link just to see if it is (thats what i did)

Timesplitter143787d ago

Since when is Lair a BIG flop? It wasn't supposed to be PS3'S real killer app or something.

toughNAME3787d ago

...thats exactly what it was supposed to be

LeonSKennedy4Life3787d ago

What's sad is that 100,000 copies in one week is a flop to you.

You are just freakin' dumb.

toughNAME3787d ago

its gone. lairs done. relax

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ItsDubC3787d ago

lol I never thought I'd hear of Rise of the Robots again. Just mentioning that game makes me laugh.

Shenmue is great tho.

Kholinar3787d ago

:( I had Rise of the Robots... still have the box and cd somewhere...

Yeah... it was really bad. That's where it's nice to have a large, critical gaming media around. Back then it was just a few magazines to peruse and buyer beware...

TheFatOne3787d ago

Shenmue was such an awesome game to bad the Dreamcast had to be killed of by Sony. Man If they made Shenmue 3 on a next any gen system it would be a AAA for sure. Hands down Shenmue is the best game on the list and the only reason it was considered a flop was due to sales. Thinking of Shenmue brings back memories. I wonder why Shenmue 2 didnt sell well on the xbox I know i bought it when it was released and I still have it.

shodown193787d ago

Shenmue brings a tear to my eyes. That's what made me buy an XBOX. I had to play part 2. Shenmue III would be the silent AAA console hit if it were announced.

I'm almost certain that fence sitters to the next gen market would purchase whatever console Shenmue III is announced on if it were to happen. 360,PS3 or Wii would see a quiet increase in sales if it were exclusive to one of it's systems.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3787d ago

A simple revenge story but man its one hellova story. One of the best games I ever played.

bumnut3787d ago

it is one the the greatest games of all time, i can't beleive part 3 was cancelled.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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