Live: Gamefly Year-End Sale Kicks Off

"The Gamefly Year-End Sale is LIVE!

Highlights include:

Kane & Lynch 2 - $7.99
Singularity - $9.99
Borderlands - $12.99
Dante's Inferno Divine Edition - $12.99
Infamous - $12.99
MAG - $9.99
Xbox 360:
Splinter Cell Conviction - $9.99
Just Cause 2 - $12.99
Mass Effect 2 - $12.99
Blur - $19.99
NBA 2K10 - $6.99
Alan Wake - $14.99

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HK62464d ago

Some pretty sweet deals here. Might have to pick up one or two of these.

mikeslemonade2464d ago

Where's Deadly Premonition!? It's all games I played before.

ME19892464d ago

Wow, awesome games for awesome prices!

cfountain2464d ago

MAG or Singularity? Which should I get?

KotC2464d ago

IMO you should buy somthing else, both of hose games are just... ok.

cfountain2464d ago

yeah, i know but a lot of those I already had. I went with MAG by the way.

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