More MS Halo job listings spotted

A bundle of Halo job advertisements have appeared on the website of internal Microsoft studio, 343 Industries.

Yesterday the dev listed 15 new roles across various positions including mission designer, multiplayer designer and an environment artist.

It's not the first time the Microsoft studio's advertised for a Halo project of course; last month it advertised for a technical artist to "breathe a fresh vision into a new Halo experience".

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Orionsangel2740d ago

Halo Combat Evolved Remake

SixZeroFour2740d ago

and halo reach 2


cause at the end of the campaign, it said something like "50 years later it re-populated"

3dawg2740d ago

by that time haven't master chief finished the fight already? sorry i didn't beat halo3 yet.

SixZeroFour2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

who said anything about master chief? could be newer spartan projects against insurrectionists (spartans were originally made to tackle insurrectionists, but then covenant came in and started attacking humans)


no clue why i got so many disagrees...halo reach 2 is a plausible upcoming game, especially if they are rumored to be playing with the halo reach engine for halo CE remake

skip to 6:01

ok my bad, it doesnt say a specific date, but as you can see it goes from a wasteland to a much more livable land and you can see in the background that a ship has crashed landed, also at the end of the speech, the person talks about being able to rebuild because of noble teams courage

IHateYouFanboys2740d ago

@MrAnonymous: "no clue why i got so many disagrees...halo reach 2 is a plausible upcoming game"

not really. Halo Reach finishes just as Halo 1 begins. theres no room for another game in there. that cutscene that youre talking about (the helmet on the grassy hill at the end where they talk about rebuilding etc) is actually AFTER halo 3s events. its was only because of what Noble 6 did in Reach that Master Chief even got off the planet, and that they found the Halos etc, and subsequently beat the Covenant. thats what that cutscene is saying - because of what Noble 6 did, humanity was able to win the war.

SixZeroFour2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago ) more covenant, but that doesnt leave out human insurrectionists...dr halsey wrote in her journal about a theory from another person about humans from the outer colonies starting to riot and rebellion towards the more civilized inner colonies, its why they started the spartan II project (without the mjolnir armor yet), they were produced to "handle" those insurrectionist groups

insurrectionist were a result of massive population, it always happens...ppl furthest from the bigger cities have less, but want more = riot and rebellion towards those who have with reach (after halo 3) being able to repopulate, whats to prevent history (insurrection) from happening again?

BTW...i do understand that i used the word "insurrection" A LOT in this post, but it was used cause of a lack of a better word lol

EDIT - i also know that CE starts just a couple days after fall of reach happens, thats why i used "50 years later it repopulated" under the impression that they did give a timeline, but apparently they didnt...either way, what i was trying to state was that in the future, planet reach was able to rebuild and repopulate...reach 2 wouldnt need to be humans vs aliens, it could be humans vs humans (not that it would happen, just saying it could happen)

IHateYouFanboys2739d ago

i know what youre saying, but it wouldnt really be a sequel to Reach - it would be a sequel to Halo 3, going by the timeline.

the footage at the end of Halo Reach of the re-growth etc is AFTER halo 3. no doubt they can make a game there and it doesnt need to have covenant - and shouldnt have them, since the humans won the war with them - but it would technically be a sequel to Halo 3.

thats all im saying.

SixZeroFour2739d ago

no, cause the sequel to halo 3 (halo 4) would HAVE TO feature master chief as the main protagonist, thats what set halos main series from its spin offs odst, wars and reach...halo reach was named reach because that was the planet that the events were taking place on...therefore, if they continued that plot, it would most likely be called halo reach 2

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Simco8762740d ago

That would actually be fun, the difference between the two....

SixZeroFour2740d ago

theres already dodge ball, grifball (like rugby/football) and golf made in forge world

Hozi892740d ago

Would be cool if it picked up where Halo 3 left off. Somehow Master Chief awakes from cryosleep to see that an alien race has found him floating in Space....or the ship crashed on a planet....or something cool to keep the series fresh.

Supman2740d ago

Im guessing the final halo.
they could call it....

Greek God2740d ago

as long as there is xbox
there will be halo
same with ps3 and gt

DiRtY2740d ago

And that is a good thing! I love my Halo and I want to play it every 2-3 years.

I really hope Gears of War and God of War don't stop either. Both should have been trilogys, but why stop when the games are great and successful?

There are franchises which see yearly updates and are just not as good as Halo / GeoW / GoW.

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