GameBlurb’s New Years Resolutions For Gamers

GameBlurb writes, "Ahh 2011…You are nearly upon us and it is the time of year where the chubby masses promise to slender down FOR GOOD this year! Well, I figured that I would skip the yearly dance of trying to get ripped and focus on some resolutions that I know I can accomplish: one’s that mainly involve sitting on the couch and minimally moving less than half of my fingers…"

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jaidek2888d ago

Awesome resolutions to keep!

liquidxtension2888d ago

It always feels good when you end up keeping your resolutions. here's hoping I can do the same.

MicrocutsX22888d ago

Time for me to work on my resolutions.

evildeli2888d ago

I stopped making resolution. That way I don't feel bad about breaking them.

junk3d2888d ago

man, #10 resonated with me. I have so many games that I "should" trade in instead of collecting dust. But I keep random crap for years...hence why the Burger King Big Bumpin' game is still on my sad.

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