New Hellgate Interview, Including Walkthrough of the First Hour

Gamingtrend got the rare opportunity to interview Bill Roper on Hellgate: London as he walks them through the first hour of the game. In the interview they covered character creation, ease of use, questing, a rundown of all of the character classes, and Joey's Peg Leg. The interview runs 52 minutes total, with a full text transcription so you can follow along.

With the Closed Beta starting very shortly, this interview should do a nice job of kicking open the floodgates of information before the October 31st release date.

The main story link goes to the transcription, but you can hit up the alternative sources to listen to the podcast.

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Ps3Fanboy7773720d ago

This game looks absolutly stunning. Cant wait to play this along with the rest of the killer PC apps...