Yahoo - Game of the Year 2010

Yahoo - A tale with multiple endings based on decisions of both a careworn father and drug-addict detective. The latter has a serial killer to catch, thought to be responsible for the father’s missing son. These men trigger the main story arcs among a series of individual character scenarios that very cleverly hint but never entirely give the game away in a truly next-generation and unconventional whodunit.

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-Mezzo-2918d ago

Agreed with each title on the list, But "Dance Central", you serious.

Valay2918d ago

There were really a lot of great games released this year...

shotgun_ps32918d ago

No Super Street Fighter 4 anywhere :(, oh well this was a brilliant year for amazing games... and Dance Central as well.

SpaceSquirrel2918d ago

A lot of great games came out this year.