For April, you monster

E4G: Portal 2, if the Spike VGA's are to be believed, is the most anticipated game of 2011 and thanks to the publishing from EA it will appear on store shelves in April.

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lociefer2799d ago

gotta say, nice headline

Persistantthug2799d ago

I'm asking because it would seem kinda weird to pay a full $60 for a portal game.

AssassinHD2799d ago

Not if there were sufficient content in the game.

ATi_Elite2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

But you paid $60 bucks for a broken game (Modern Warfare 2) then you paid another $60 bucks for a semi fixed version of the same game (Black OPs)

I'm sure you already have the original game that you paid $60 bucks for COD4.

So you paid $180 bucks for what should have been 1 game and DLC but your complaining about the price for Portal 2 which is gonna be a huge game with SP MP and Co-op and all new content? Not to mention the first one was FREE!

Seriously Activision has you BRAIN WASHED! snapp out it while you still have time.

Persistantthug2798d ago

I have not bought a single Activision game this entire generation. (bought my PS3 2 years ago.)

I haven't bought COD, GH, Prototype, Spiderman(s)....nothing from activision at all.

I'll be awaiting your apology, sir. :)

LMS2799d ago

portal 1 imo was crap......boring....ANNOYING.. .. the only reason I own it is because it was free on was a college kids tech was LAME

Acquiescence2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

you don't really deserve to appreciate a game as meticulously-crafted and enjoyable as Portal.

Go score yourself some headshots on whatever the latest Call Of Duty game is.

RockmanII72799d ago

A one day delay in Valve Time is like a week delay in actual time.