Ouch! Six gaming disasters of 2010

Yahoo - Though it has been an excellent year for gaming, the best we can remember in fact, this didn’t protect some of the biggest brands from failure after promising the earth.

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-Mezzo-2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

GT5 - - WHAT THE [email protected]#K?

Godmars2902888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Considering they're only talking about online, though I've yet to play myself, have to agree. Just too many bad reports about it.

Though I don't see why all of Move's launch titles are taking a ding when Kinect's aren't. Motion control in general that is.

-Mezzo-2888d ago

I have not faced any problem while playing online, maybe that because, i bought the game after some patches were released.

SasanovaS19872888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

mezzo, its maybe because, you bought the game, period. half these scrubs are repeating what fake reviews were saying at the beginning. gt5 is the single game that brought down garbage journalists and exposed them for the trash they are

"Without the shadow of a doubt, this is the ‘Gran Turismo’ we’ve all been waiting for; a true next generation driving experience that rewards absolutely everything that you put into it. This is a very straight-laced environment however; even the finger-popping jazz soundtrack doesn’t alleviate the mood of a petrol head laboratory. Minor niggles aside (we’re sure that the online issues will be resolved soon) the sheer value contained here cannot be ignored. 'Gran Turismo 5' is the one to beat, and a truly compelling reason to buy a PlayStation 3." 5 out of 5 yahoo review.

this article, xbot much?

2888d ago
Drekken2888d ago

Dead_Pixel, my thoughts exactly. Shame on this "gamer". That is prime example of why I would push -bubble.

dc12888d ago

Add me to the list of folks who have yet to experience any issues with the online play.

mcstorm2888d ago

I agree about gt5 online I have yet to complete a game online with out lag or cutting me off. Although I have not been on it since the server was offline. But I would not say it was enough to put it in the 6 games.

poindat2888d ago

I've had absolutely no problems with GT5's online either. It's easy to navigate and performs flawlessly, even on my subpar connection. That's impressive, to say the least.

-Alpha2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

So Godsmars isn't allowed to come to conclusions because he didn't play it?

Let's be honest-- it's not that he hasn't played it, it's that he seems to confess he agrees to a negative criticism about the game. If he hadn't played the game but praised the game based on positive reviews you wouldn't mind. Everybody makes conclusions on games they haven't played it.

When COD news about patches go up, everybody is quick to bash the game's issues without ever playing it themselves. Funny how that works around here.

And even when people who do play the game comment negatively they are given disagrees anyway.

Godsmars doesn't have to play it to understand that online is disappointing. I'm sure he also would take positive opinions to heart too

Godmars2902888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Fact is, I really don't care about online. Especially when its compared to XBL which I can only guess was the case. If anything is keeping from getting the game its plain old intimidation of the GT series itself.

I'm just not a good enough driver for it. Then again, it does have go carts...

MariaHelFutura2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )


You take things too personally, it seems. When it`s all said and done NONE of our opinions on N4G matter. Who cares what these people on N4G (including myself) think.

Drekken2888d ago

Oh alpha... The guy with the most bubbles and the most disagrees all the time. How does one get so many bubbles when no one agrees with you?

The guy hasn't tried the game but clear states he agrees with the negative stuff being said while completely ignoring the people who are saying they have no problems.

I see your logic. Your completely flawed logic.

-Alpha2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )


Seems like you missed my point. I like how you guys ignore responding to the clear double standard and go on to make the same mistake I was talking about. Do you really think it matters if people disagree? I don't comment for popularity, if I wanted to do that I would have said "GT5 is flawless" or something positive

"The guy hasn't tried the game but clear states he agrees with the negative stuff being said while completely ignoring the people who are saying they have no problems."

Exact same thing that can be said for any other game, which was the point you seemed to miss. Once again, COD's online as the example here, but it goes for any game

Flawed logic? At least explain, don't expect me to take you seriously otherwise. I'm asking for some consistency. Are you really telling me you've never come to conclusions about games you haven't played? Where did Godsmars "ignore" the positive aspects? He says there are too many negative reports that he can understand why GT's online made the list.

mastiffchild2888d ago

I've had a couple of early online issues with GT5 but now it all seems fine. Compared to Blops, though, it was always a LOT better online yet gets MORE stick even now after a failed patch for COD!

GT5 is a great game that got too much stick because it gets better the more you play it and just like it's PSP brother(given me more hours fun than any other PSP game including CC)reviewers didn't play enough to scrath the surface and so what if it had teething issues online? where was the outcry in the marking media for Gears2? Sometimes there are double standards-GRT, FFS, was saying BEFORE release that GT5 deserved marking down for the wait!! What about other games that took ages like AW or Too Human? They were allowed to be judged on what was on the disc why not PD's game(s)?

IcarusOne2888d ago

Oh man, this made me laugh. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed that.

GT5 does more to bring fanboys out of the woodwork than it does to expose so-called garbage journalists. These journalists are just like you and me, dudes who like to play video games. If you were handed a copy of Forza, that would prove you as a garbage journalist. You'd be unable to acknowledge what the game gets right simply because it's on Xbox instead of PS3. In short, it all comes down to opinions.

I'm enjoying the shit out of GT5 and haven't even attempted the online mode, partly because there's so much to do in GT mode, partly because no one else I know has the game, and partly because I'd be embarassed when I come in last place.

-X-2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

When I read Godmars' comment I think he agrees with GT5 being on the list because of the negative things on the internet. Its like reading a review of a game that got a 10 and people who haven't played the game are saying its great.

This next I know is gonna get disagrees

I also didn't play GT5 but from what I am hearing GT5 didn't live up to the hype. Personally I HATE the simulator genre. I played the GT prologue demo. I didn't like it.

BTW to a few people....its an opinion and if you didn't know OPINIONS MAY VARY.

Motorola2888d ago

From what i have seen ON THIS SITE. Kinect is only good for hacks.

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Nitrowolf22888d ago

you have to remember this is Yahoo, the same organization that called LBP and Uncharted No Name games

-Mezzo-2888d ago

How ignorant can you get. LBP & UC games are one of the best new IP's established this Gen.

OllieBoy2888d ago

It's Yahoo, A.K.A. Microsoft's Bitch.

deadreckoning6662888d ago

You are aware that Yahoo gave GT5 perfect score right?

Drekken2888d ago

deadreckoning666, then you must know how absolutely stupid it is for Yahoo to include GT5 on this list.

sporteous1212122888d ago

I was just about to mention that Drekken. Just shows how useless some of the reviews out there are.

BlackTar1872888d ago

I havent had any problems so far when the last patch was released i was wondering whats up cuz i was perfect. I have only raced maybe 20 races online but they have been flawless and none since the patch.

Anyways its a great game who cares what these people think

Orionsangel2888d ago

I know it's perfect in my perfect mind. There's no shadow jaggies. Nope, there's nothing there. Those cars don't look like cars from GT4. Everything is perfect. It's perfection. The game doesn't even load. I didn't have to install anything. It's perfect. Why did they patch it? wtf? Duh, It's the greatest thing ever created in the history of mankind. I believe I can fly!

BlackTar1872888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Orion you need help.

You obv. can care less all you care about is trolling GTFO troll

Koolno2888d ago

Yahoo : american whore working with ms, EA, etc

they don't like japanese things, poor them.

GT5 and move titles, what a joke.

MariaHelFutura2888d ago

Gaming disasters of 2010 - How people reviewed GT5

GodofSackboy2888d ago

Possibly the best comment I have ever seen.

Orionsangel2888d ago

No not just reviewers but commenters who were also disappointed with the game. Not everyone is gonna automatically love GT5 in such a biased loyal way as GT fans do.

Orionsangel2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

"Sony hands over a game that still isn’t finished."

Did you guys read that part? Did you guys know that GT5 is getting a ton of downloadable patches to fix all the problems it is has?

It's funny how GT fans block all these things out. Denial is a terrible thing. Be honest with yourselves and stop being so forgiving for the sake of your beloved love one. Polyphony Digital released an unfinished game. It's a fact!

Yes regardless of you loving the game or thinking it's the greatest game ever. If it was so incredible the majority of gamers would love it and would have gotten mostly 9's and 10's. More than half of the people who play GT5 are disappointed by it.

Yes another fact and don't give me this shit that every game has it's haters. Yes there's always haters but when it's so divided like this game is then something is obviously wrong with the game. It's not mostly unanimous like Zelda Ocarina of Time.

CernaML2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

"More than half of the people who play GT5 are disappointed by it. "

That right there just shows you are full of shit. People who have never in their life played a GT game is loving the crap out of GT5. SolidRev (ExposingLames) from YouTube is a great example.

Maybe the game is unfinished, but it is still the best damn racer I have ever played. Online play did seem pointless and there was absolutely no incentive to use it but after the latest patch I can't get enough of it.

The game is a huge success. The real fans, aka not the know-it-alls who have never played it, love the game.

JeffGUNZ2887d ago

As I agree that GT5 didn't meet up to the hype, it still is not close to a gaming disaster. Terrible choice.

Sony3602887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

It's just the online mode it's talking about.

Try reading an article before bolting to the comments section to make an angry response, dumbasses.

Terror_B2887d ago

Totally agree, GT5 is a disaster. 5 Years wait for Sonys loyal fanboy race only to be served with a game thats nowhere near as good as Forza.

If you want to play the best racing game this gen, get a 360.

Even the pros agree. Metascores, Forza - 92, GT5 - 84.

dragon822887d ago

Who gives a rats ass how long it took to make the game. It shouldn't matter if the game took a day to make or 20 years to make. The game should be judged on its content and not how long it took to release.

I wonder if reviewers will demand the same type of perfection when Duke Nukem finally releases??

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Vesemir2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Weird, because this same Yahoo gave GT5 a perfect score in their review, 5/5 if I recall correctly.
Why the sudden change of heart ?? Has the bribery started to roll on their table ??

And here is the proof. Check the bottom line.

"Long awaited and with much expectation, the new generation of driving simulation cruises onto PlayStation 3 to admiring eyes. In a word: sensational."

5 out of 5.

Isn't this a bit weird at the very least ???

hamburger1232888d ago

but it still is a disaster ??

Sony3602887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Also "weird" how you think the article is talking about the whole game, rather than just the online mode.

Almost as if you didn't....*gasp*... bother to read the article before commenting.

Cajun Chicken2888d ago

List SERIOUSLY missing Crackdown 2. That to me was instantly disappointment of the year, plus the total lack of conventional videogames for Kinect, but that was expected...but hey! It's instantly a success and something everyone wants because people are buying the crap.

BlackTar1872888d ago

Crackdown 2 was so awful. EXCEPT the running over the zombie like things at night that was fun for the first couple of hrs of gameplay the rest of the game was so bad i quit it and coop games i usually dont quit even if there not very good. (Army of 2)

Arup022888d ago

Crackdown 2 was horrible.

JamieLeeC932888d ago

Erm... How is GT5 a disaster exactly?