TGV Review: Marvel Pinball (XBLA/PSN)

Marvel Pinball is Zen Studios' latest offering to the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. Filled with a great amount of retro culture and nostalgia for pinball aficionados and comic fans alike, this meeting of the two worlds will be sure to please any and all players.

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borisfett2706d ago

I thought the Wolverine table was pretty horrible, but the rest of them are great. Especially the Spider-Man table, which is one of the best tables in Pinball FX 2 full stop

Herminator2706d ago

So, it's like... pinball? but on a console?

Not my particular field of interest. <.<

borisfett2706d ago

No, it really is far more awesome than it sounds.

Sidology2706d ago

It's definitely more awesome than at first glance, and with pinball machines growing ever more scarce, it's nice to have something to go to that offers a bit of variety in pinball gameplay.

Applederp2705d ago

Meh. I don't really care enough about pinball to pay the money for this.

Morbius4202705d ago

Too bad for those with no interest. Most of the 17 tables for Pinball FX are quite fun. Is this available for PlayStation 3?

borisfett2705d ago

On the PS3, Marvel Pinball is being released as its own game.

On the 360, these are part of a collection of tables you can download for Pinball FX 2.

violent80sarcade822703d ago

Spider-mans table looks the coolest i think and i hope u can hit dr.ock in the face with the ball lol