Burnout Paradise PS3 Version Gameplay Videos

Not long ago GameSpot posted 3 gameplay videos of Burnout Paradise for Xbox 360. Now they have posted 3 gameplay videos of PS3 version and you can compare them by yourselves.

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MK_Red3844d ago

This game will rock on both PS3 and 360. Criterion FTW! The only AAA game from EA.

Crazyglues3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I agree totally, it will be amazing on either system, this is looking like it will be a lot of fun.

I am a huge fan of the burnout's that came out before on xbox and 360, they where a lot of fun to drive, the game is always really fast and super fun, can't wait for this one, just seems like everything that was good in the old ones multiplied by 10.

This is a must pick up for me.

nasim3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

7.1 support

better lighting

better car textures

Understandable since ps3 is way more powerful than x360

xaphanze3844d ago

looks good, Im currently playing burnout legends and burnout dominator on my psp.

Newmanator3844d ago

i am so disappointed they got rid of Crash Mode - that made Burnout for me!
But the graphics look ace, especially in the crashes.

soccerstar3844d ago

they didnt get rid of it they just renamed it to showcase mode or something like that

MaximusPrime3844d ago

yeaaaaa!!! Thank you very much to Burnout submitter, MK Red. Keep em comin!

I can see myself playing this game nonstop everyday on PS3. I can't wait to use my 5.1 Surround sound. The subwoofer works brilliantly when you use the boost.

felidae3844d ago

looks good on both consoles.

little bit sharper and less dark on the ps3 but that's about it.

MaximusPrime3844d ago

i noticed that there is a slight improvement on the crashes on PS3.

But as a whole Burnout Paradise will certainly be really enjoyable on both consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.