The Garbage Guns of Black Ops’ Multiplayer

SarcasticGamer - I sure have been playing a ton of Black Ops. There’s just a lot to like about the multiplayer. While it feels like it’s a bit stripped down from the Killstreak and akimbo madness of Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch has definitely left the best stuff in there, while keeping the garbage out. All that said, when you break down a lot that Treyarch does right in Black Ops, there’s a lot, especially in weapon selection, that Treyarch left wanting, especially in the weapons of CoDBlops.

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-Mezzo-2469d ago

I am completely new to the COD Multiplayer World. But i personally feel comfortable using AK47U & Commando.

scar202469d ago

Dude no offense but in any game you go into you are bound to find 2+ people using the ak74u but the commando i never see more than one person use it when my bro plays.

Microsoft_Spokesman2468d ago

'Cause you unlock the command at level 44.

HolyOrangeCows2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Typical Black Ops Gun Unlock chain:
-crap gun
-crap gun
-decent gun
-crap gun
-worse than the last crap gun
-good gun
-great gun

LoVeRSaMa2468d ago

AK47 Silenced has got to be my best gun, shortly followed by the Dragunov silenced.

I have Ghost Pro, Scout Pro, Ninja Pro.

I like being totally invisible and use my ballistic knife for enemies I hear at close range.

That is of course when the game loads ¬.¬"

antz11042468d ago

I used the Famas until I got the AK47, then onto the Commando. Think that might be it for me b/c the G11 is three round burst and I CANNOT STAND those.

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RedDead2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I disagree with the list entirely. For some reason I have on and off's with certain guns(been like this since Cod 4). Right now my On gun is the Enfield...I thought it was crap before I start using it on my prestige. Stick a silencer on it.

Stoner is awesome, M16 is also awesome.

Also this is an Opinion piece author.

Microsoft_Spokesman2468d ago

M16 is amazing! One burst to the chest and they're done. Also, it's amazingly accurate.

gaden_malak2468d ago

Enfield was my gun of choice. I got all exp kills for it (upto level 10). Now I moved onto either the Commando or the FAL. Both are good.


@ Microsoft_Spokesman

you must have a very very good connection as well.

I have always been a fan of the burst weapons for their accuracy. In cod4 and MW2 my default weapon was the M16 or Fammas, but in black ops, I have put 2 or 3 sometimes even more bursts into a guy only to have him spin round and spray with a Famas or AK and kill me with what feels like 1 or 2 bullets.

I don't know if it's my connection or the game but I feel the burst AR are just a little bit underpowered for what they should be. I have seen guys who are right on the opposite side of the map and still fired 3 or 4 burst into them getting nothing but hit markers. again, they spray back with an smg and manage to kill me...and yes i normally aim for the head or chest.

In cod4 and MW2 my KD was well above 2. but in blackops I cannot get it higher then 1.3, I just feel like I am endlessly emptying clips with the M16 and G11 never seem to come out of the gun fight alive if my opponent has an smg or fammas.. no matter what distance I am at.

anyway, thats just me moaning, it's prob my connection.

it really does my head in, thing is I am not a big fan of running around spraying.

Microsoft_Spokesman2467d ago

@Dark Witness

I'm actually the opposite, I was hardly able to hold on an above 1.00 KDR in CoD4, WaW and MW2 while in Black Ops my KDR is 1.67 and going up as I get better and better. Also, I don't think I have a very good connection it's advertised as 10mbps but I actually get about 5 :P.

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topekomsi2468d ago

Good list, I almost completely agree, I do love the m16 though. I play hardcore so it doesn't take as many shots.

Hazmat132468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

AK-74u is like the main gun i see now. its always ak, grip, rapid fire. oh also has anybody seen flashing numbers on there screen??? mine does that and its very strange no joke here one time on a TD the nuketown picture changed into a big group of numbers, i was like WTF!?!

MRMagoo1232467d ago

mine does that numbers thing too it did it on MW2 and cod4 aswell im not sure if it did on [email protected] but it may have it might just be a bug of some sort.

distorted_reality2468d ago

Lol @ the author saying the M16 sucks because it's terrible at close range, and then stating the FAL as an alternative.

Pure, utter fail.

Tr10wn2468d ago

lol yeah i was like wtf? anyways i can show him how to get 3.00 k/d in most of the matches with the m16 no camping but running and with no chopper gunner or gun ships or dogs

hougigo2468d ago

haha yea, i will say though that if it came down to hip firing, the FAL would probably be better, it'd take only 2 hits compared to an m16's 3 bursts... but that's from personal experience.

soundslike2468d ago

i use anything that doesn't have those copy and pasted iron sights...

oh how those annoy me

galil, aug w/scope, hk, stoner for me

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