Why Dead Space 2 Has Killed Survival Horror

NowGamer: Play Dead Space 2. Go on, play it. It doesn’t matter what side of the great console divide you’re standing on because it’s available for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So play it. Good isn’t it? It’s creepy, it’s atmospheric, it’s tense, it’s nasty, it’s the perfect demo because it leaves you frantically working out your post-Christmas bank balance to if you’ll have enough money after Christmas to spunk it all on EA’s sequel.

But… Dead Space 2 is not a survival horror game.

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Shazz2741d ago

is there anything you guys at nowgamer dont nitpick about , deadspace is fcking fantastic and btw when you have big ass scary mutants chasing you around when you have no ammo its kinda scary to me but maybe thats just me .

fastrez2741d ago

Think you missed the point. The article says the genre is dead because Dead Space 2 is insanely good, so no one else should even bother trying to compete.

Read before you criticise.

sdtarm2741d ago

for more that i love this franchise i gotta agree =(

jessupj2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Actually it's not even saying that. It's saying that DS is an awesome game, but it's not a survival horror because you're not very vunerble. You get all these great weapons and that makes you quite powerful. But we love it, and because we love it, we the gamers, have killed the survival horror genre because we don't want clunky controls and weaks weapons in our games.

And to be honoest, I'd mostly agree with that. Gaming has changed. We want to feel like gods when we enjoy our hobby, we want to feel powerful. The younger generation anyway. They've been bombarded with fast paced first person shooters where you can take 20 bullets to the head while at the same time killing 10 guys all in the space of 10 seconds. So as soon as they enter a game in which you are NOT god, they hate it. Thus the survival horror genre has mostly died and It's all thanks to us.

Having said that Dead Space is awesome. The beauty of it is that it's just so relenting, you just don't get a break. You're always on your toes through out the entire game. Even more so when you enter a new room. And when the lights go out I always say to myself, "O sh*t".

Dead Space has definitely set the bench mark.

Shazz2741d ago

Did you not get the point I was trying to get across ? They said it doesn't feel like survival horror with tooled up guns etc but what I was saying is when your ammo runs out it's sure scary as fcuk to me trying to run from mutants in deadspace . I'll say again though many that's just me

ABizzel12741d ago

Actually the article says, thanks to games like Dead Space and Resident Evil gaining more of an action focus, there won't be Survival Horror games like the original Resident Evil's and Silent Hills.

Personally I don't think there is a space for those older type of games at retail, it's nice for PSN and XBLA to be able to play one of those slower paced, games, but not $60. I think the Horror genre needs to change from simple scares and thrills to Psychological suspense (with a touch of scares and thrills). But to do this they need to hire professional writers, and film industry people who have experience working with that genre.

Alan Wake while not scary, did keep me in suspense, because you never knew when the shadow people were going to attack. The scripted events could have been better, but the randomness of attacks added thrill to that game, and that's what the horror genre needs.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Yeah but they're still saying that not one occasion will you feel weak, but I beg to differ! These fools are judging the game on a 10/15 minute demo with medium difficulty option only available! I doubt that they will run through the hardest difficulty of the actual game unscathed! Besides, this game is scarier and puts you at harms risk a lot more than Resident Evil 5 ever did! Its only natural for RE5 to start the Survival Horror trend and have it die with it! This article is a fail by me!

rockleex2741d ago

Silent Hill

'Nuff said.

Scotland-Tha-Brave2740d ago

are you a retard fastrez? Thats not what the article conveys AT ALL,

visualb2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )


it does say dead space 2 is very good, frightening and not easy
but it also says that it kills survival horror

the whole point of survival horror is to be inferior and outnumbered and almost dead at every corner

survival horror is not having enough ammo to kill the enemies you face having to out run them and avoid them instead

survival horror is a game in which its so easy to die, the sight of an enemy causes more fear than a Boss in Dead Space

now I LOVE DEAD SPACE - but the article makes sense, its no longer SURVIVAL horro


ACTION HORROR - still awesome, just a new genre

DatNJDom812740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@ visualb

I agree with you 100 percent. Dead Space is an action horror game. Sorry but Resident Evil 4 still holds the crown along with the silent hill series for true survival horror. Another scary game was Siren. I jumped a few times and felt very uneasy while playing.

I nominate Spelunker HD as a survival horror game. When those big ghost come for you and u cant fan them cause your time is running out. Nothing is scarier than that. I have nightmares with the ghost theme.......

That game is freaking awesome. No little whiners allowed. A true challenge, old school style.

antz11042740d ago

Along the lines of this type of sequel, Alien (survival horror) was great. And then Aliens (survival-horror-action) was also amazing.

This game's gonna be epic.

Sony3602740d ago

Maybe the author shouldn't try feigning for bullshit hits then.

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Ratchet5102741d ago

We just got to wait for a new Silent hill PS3 then because Resident evil 6 going to be weak.

rockleex2741d ago

Silent Hill is weak now because its not the same director as from Silent Hill 1 & 2.

RedDead2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Fatal frame anyone? I've heard good things about that. Also that one, one sec I have it here...

Edit----Amnesia, the dark descent, scariest atmosphere ever

King-Leonidas2741d ago

never thought i´d say this... but when i played the demo... IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!111!!

RedDevils2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@Kenny (Shazz), I would still be scare even if I have a Machine gun :P

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skyward2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

If it hasn't got tank controls like Resi it's not true survival horror - panicking and running the wrong way was half the fright

velocitygamer2741d ago

I played the demo, it wasn't scary, but it did make me shake at times. The survival element is still there, i ran out of ammo half the way, so I had to use melee.

Bnet3432741d ago

lol skyward good call. I loved old school RE. I know people say "Yeah well RE4 is the best" It was a great game don;t get me wrong, but I'm an old school Capcom fan. I liked RE back when it had those tank controls. They need to bring that back. Hopefully they learned their lesson with RE5. Wasn't a bad game, but too much like Gears and not that scary except the mine part.

RadicalDreamer2740d ago

I think Skyward may have been facetious. Not being able to run the way you want because the controls suck doesn't reflect very positively on the design.


I don't know about you guys but I had a hard time keeping enough ammo in this game (which is a good thing) which caused me to ration my bullets and make sure every shot counted. In my opinion Dead Space is just as good of a survival horror, if not better than the RE of old (I played all of them except RE1).

jessupj2741d ago

That's what made it scarey, the lack of ammo. I tried my best to make every shot count, but so many times I would get over run or ambushed and panic and spend more ammo. I told myself not to panic, but it didn't work :)

dalibor2741d ago

Well I'm pretty sure but if I recall the first RE actually had scare ammo and even health, yeah no health regeneration here. Same with Silent Hill but SH just made you shit your pants because the monsters were creepy and so was the music lmao. Oh and the radio, you knew something was coming but you had no idea what and sometimes where.

Feckles2741d ago

Survival horror needs to be about fear, you can't be afraid if you have limitless ammo and powerful weapons.

Still, Dead Space 2 does look like an awesome game.

pansenbaer2741d ago

But you don't have limitless ammo and compared to some of the monsters, your weapons aren't that powerful. But I understand what the author is saying. It isn't the same as the old games, but maybe that's because they are just that...Old!

Feckles2741d ago

Fair point.

But I would like to see a proper survival horror game where you have little or no ammo.

Something like Fatal Frame / Project Zero but without the Japanese horror style.

dalibor2741d ago

Well with some survival horror games you could unlock stronger weapons. You play like a wimp the first play through than go rambo style the second or third time. But to solve some problems why not have an option of scarce ammo or plentiful ammo? Same for the health system. A win win situation imo plus you get to play in a different way depending on the option that you choose.

King-Leonidas2741d ago


damn.. when i played fatal frame i the great king Leonidas, was scared...

zagibu2740d ago

@Feckles: have you tried Amnesia: The dark descent? It has NO weapons. All you can do is run from enemies. Also, it's pretty scary, and set in an abandoned german castle a few hundred years ago.

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Spitfire_Riggz2741d ago

The Dead Space 2 demo had me shitting my pants. Maybe its because I havent played a true horror survival game but I didnt even want to advanced through the levels. Im kinda a big wuss for these kind of games so take what I say with a grain of salt, never did get passed level 1 in Fatal Frame...

lastdual2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Dead Space 2 is ACTION horror. I enjoy Dead Space quite a bit, but it's not accurate to call it a survival horror game.

Survival horror is about feeling vulnerable, not empowered, and it's hard not to feel powerful when you're a dude in a tank suit with half a dozen upgradeable tools of dismemberment.

Games like Amnesia and the old Silent Hills and Fatal Frames are survival horror. Sadly, we get very few new games in the genre these days, but I do have a little hope for the new Silent Hill...

AKissFromDaddy2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

In my experience, no matter how many times I upgraded my suit, weapons or abilities, I never felt empowered, especially on hard & impossible difficulty and that's scary. I felt less weak but not stronger in any sense that word is suppose to represent. In fact, I "proudly" abused the stasis recovery cheat as often as I could to see the ending.

I'm encouraged that Dead Space 2 will extend this with it's added difficulty settings, so enjoy surviving and stay out of the dark, muahahahaha

PS. I jump on the hardest difficulty first to maximize my enjoyment when I beat video games.

PSS. I agree 100% on the grounds that Dead Space, as a series, is an Action-Horror game because it the horror is removed from Dead Space, it makes a really good action game.

LeShin2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I'm about to play the demo and this worries me. I hated Resi 5 as I expected a survival horror game and what I got was just another action shooter. Dead Space was refreshing as it was really creepy and with surround sound and playing in the dark on your own, it was bloody scary!

However, when EA announced multiplayer for the sequel, I was scared (pun intended) that this was gonna happen...

Oh well, I hope I see a Forbidden Siren sequel to get my scares from. Dead Space 2 may have to wait.

soundslike2741d ago

on the contrary, real live people trying to outsmart you and surprise you can be much scarier than pre-scripted AI events. MP could be scarier than the main game.

LeShin2741d ago

Sorry, but there are a shitload of multiplayer shooters to choose from where, as you put it: 'real live people trying to outsmart you and surprise you can be much scarier than pre-scripted AI events'

Why would I put money down for yet ANOTHER game like that?

soundslike2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

"Why would I put money down for yet ANOTHER game like that?"

And how many games "like that" do you own? The only thing this compares to is L4D versus mode and Splinter Cell's MP because of its lopsided nature.

I'm not a big fan of the move either, but I can see its potential IF DONE RIGHT. Will it be done right? Probably not, because it was a feature added on rather than integrated.
So don't try and take your frustration out on me in a long rant, because it will be misplaced. I miss the horror games of old as well, I'm just trying to see the positive here.

MP can be done in survival horror. Say what you will, but demon's souls was more survival/horror than any other horror game with an action system, I don't want to argue this because its not the point. The point is, that DS had an MP system which involved other players invading your world when you least expect it and try to steal your soul. Even if that seems too "action"-y for you, it is a success story and one that could lend itself to less action oriented game styles.

04soldier2740d ago

I didn't know where you going with your original post until you brought up Demon's Souls.. And you're absolutely right. I loved invading worlds as a Black Phantom and backstabbing a unsuspecting blue phantom or player while they were collecting souls. You could see the FEAR in their characters movements when I sprang out of nowhere to deal a devastating blow...

LeShin2740d ago

lol, I'd hardly call my 7 line reply to you as a 'long rant' especially when compared to your recent reply and I don't see why you've decided to take it so personally as it isn't directed at you but oh well :-)

Demon Souls was brilliant but you should play Forbidden Siren as a fine example of survival horror.

As for how many of those multiplayer games I own, I count 9

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