What I Want From Prototype 2

Prototype was released in the steamy summer of 09’ and met with mixed opinions, but whatever was thought, it was compared to the frankly, infamous game inFamous.

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maxcavsm2736d ago

Sorry, always been a inFamous fan; didn't get 3 hours into Prototype before taking it back. That being said, here's to hoping they get the sequel right!

AmigoSniped2736d ago

I don't expect anything from this game at all. Prototype was garbage orginally and I hoped they didn't make a sequel but good luck to them

Drazial2736d ago

Garbage is putting it harshly, I'm thinking you didn't play it enough or had a bad first impression. It's a pretty fun game when you ignore the obvious oversights and graphical limitations.

dericb112736d ago

So play a game that you don't like just because right? He doesn't like it so I think he is allowed to move on.

awiseman2736d ago

In b4 ps3 fanboys start trashing a decent game in favor of their infamous exclusive Infamous.

See what I did there?

Drazial2736d ago

You witty bastard you.

EVO-OM3GA2736d ago

Better Story
Less Repetition with Missions
Sub Bosses and Bossess not stupidly over Powered
Alot Smarter AI

A mission to consume the present *evil laugh*