Black Ops on PS3 post patch

Treyarch releases yet another patch for PS3. Does this latest "fix" really fix anything?

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scar202888d ago

Just a question are all you ps3 owners out there happy that you bought this game and now it dosen't work?I say you demand you're money back.And yes i'm a ps3 owner.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I bought it on release day.

Played it for maybe around 1-2 days.

Sold it on ebay.

Check my PSN trophys: hasj1990

I have 0% Black Ops trophys, i just wanted to check Multiplayer out, and personally i thought it was shit to every other FPS i have played (Killzone 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, MAG) i sold it.

Dont know why anyone with a PS3 really has this game.

Even if the game was the greatest in the world..

its obvious the developers dont give a shit about the PS3 version or care about fixing it, but yet people still keep hold of it.

worldgames2888d ago

I did similar I bought it, finished SP played about 2hrs online and after many frustrations with online I sold it on ebay for the same price I paid for it in the shop.

Washington-Capitals2888d ago

For people who still have the game, i have been playing for the last 5 hours post-patch and most of the issues have been fixed. HOWEVER, host migration happens way more often. Also, it appears that they have tweaked some gameplay mechanics as well.

-Alpha2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )


These patches have been working for a lot of people. But there are still people having issues and it seems to be a problem with TA not being able to cooperate with different NAT settings.

There are still issues with the game though and it's too bad TA is stuck in this mess, but it's their fault.

I've personally have a very smooth experience overall. Typical lag and host migration, but nothing major. I've had freezes occur often in the past but that has stopped since patch 1.04

Digitaldude2888d ago

I haven't noticed a single difference, I still get way too many random boots from rooms, laggy games and general poor matchmaking.

The biggest thing is their P2P shit, it causes so much trouble, more trouble than them finding dedicated for the PS3.

gypsygib2888d ago

The mp is largely fine for me.

Vortex3D2888d ago

That's the beauty of games with no money back on quality control. This is not to say you don't like the game and want your money back. It's when the game is release broken but yet there is no such thing as money back.

And game publishers will continue to release buggy and broken games as long gamers are willing to buy them.

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RonXD2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Maybe now people will actually stop buying into Activision and their garbage.

I'm not a CoD player, but I read all of these articles about the game being nearly unplayable on PS3. I feel bad for all of you CoD fans who spent your money on this game.

What will it take before you people finally stop supporting these terrible developers and publishers?

ZombieKiller2888d ago

No, no and more no. It didn't fix anything...Are you guys surprised? I hate to say this, but its almost as if they were doing this on purpose. Why IS the ps3 having these problems? Maybe if this was 3 years ago when the ps3 was a baby. Plus, they already released [email protected] on ps3. So what gives?

Funny how:
1. A M$ rep said right before the game came out how Everyone knows it's gonna be better on 360
2. How M$ pays to steal things from ps3 gamers (Because if they were smart, they would just buy 1st party studios like Sony). Instead, they pay companies for exclusive content.
3. We are in the 4th year of the ps3, 3 COD's deep, and yet they STILL can't make a good ps3 version.
4. They keep releasing patches that make the game worse and worse.
5. How they "forgot" to put the zombie codes in half the Hardened Edition reserves on PS3 only (thats why there is a shortage)
6. This crap keeps happening and yet we all flock to it like flies to sh1t....myself included. Not that I am ashamed of it. I love COD. IN MY EYES, it's awesome (to each his own). But the B$ each of us PS3 gamers have to deal with just to play a game WE PAID FOR is just insane. It's ok this time, because this was my 5th and last COD.

Checkmate2888d ago

i completely agree with all your points! i have them one more chance with BO but now im done for good.

Da_Truth2888d ago

Treyarch sucks big time...i knew they would make a poor game, World at War was bad on the PS3, i know some people might disagree but if you play the 360 version you will see how inferior it was. They can make good gameplay but when it comes to programming, the suck balls compared to the old Infinity Ward. Killzone 3 looks to be the shooter to play next year. COD fans on the PS3 should let go and sell the game, or if they are COD fans only then go get a 360 and play it, the PS3 version won't get better no matter how many patches they release.

Thedudehere2888d ago

my ps3 copy is working just fine! i even threw in MW2 to compare and checked it out on 360 no difference! so if you sold yours are don't like it and are going to sell it,get over it and move on quit crying and play something else.

Checkmate2888d ago

fuck you. just fuck you.

Thedudehere2888d ago

your just another hater that can't shoot straight!fucking douche!

Checkmate2888d ago

so what's it like getting fucked in the ass by kotick?

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