Lens of Truth - First Look: Dead Space 2

Lens of Truth writes "In this First Look we bring you some gruesome footage of the recently released demo of Dead Space 2. As you can see this game is looking sick and we can't wait to get our hands of the full version. Until then enjoy some HD gameplay footage, and make sure to checkout our Screenshot comparison of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 demos. Enjoy!."

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Sea_Man2916d ago

I downloaded this on PSN last night and I got a corrupt file... So I had to re-download it and I couldn't play it because it was so late! Also,why would Asia have the demos first. I didn't see this on the American PSN store till after 8pm! they got it around noon yesterday... It's the freaking internet we all should get it the same damn time!

Nitrowolf22916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

because they are a different time zone


Because if they did it like that, people like you would complain even more about the store updating at a later time.

Store could update 1PM (PCT) in the USA but if they went your route Asia and other country would get their store update earlier in the morning around 4AM. Even states vary by 1-2 hours different in each time zone.
There is no such thing as same time. Someone is going to get it before the other person, other wise like i said someone will get it really late or early.
you know time Zones still affect the Internet right?

Sea_Man2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

so what! what's that have to do with the internet? They could and should have done it the same time or earlier. Why'd they have to wait till 8pm when like I said Japan had it at noon our time!

Nitrowolf22916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"Why'd they have to wait till 8pm when like I said Japan had it at noon our time!"

your not getting it are you?

12:00 PM yesterday (Tuesday) was 5:00 Am in Japan Wednesday. That's a big difference. However in other country the store would have updated at such as EU London, the time would be 8PM (Tuesday) . It's the exact same thing you would be arguing about, only USA would still get it earlier considering EU/Asia store don't update till Wednesday.

If you were to do 12:00PM across all timezones, then someone would still be getting content far earlier then the other guy.

Ju2915d ago

You guys know a new day starts somewhere in the pacific, hence Japan being "the country of the rising sun". Gonna change that too to please (some) america(ns)?

RudeSole Devil2916d ago

Looks sick can't to get the demo, I tried yesterday and the download failed.

Sea_Man2916d ago

you too! was it corrupt when you tried to install it or did your internet just fail?

donkeydoo2916d ago

Yea that happened to me, stupid PSN sucks. But its free, for now!

hennessey862916d ago

is still not up for download on psn in england or its just my account.

2916d ago
hennessey862915d ago

Ive just looked again and its still not there ive downloaded it on xbox live but im also waitingt formass effect 2 aswell

2916d ago
meetajhu2915d ago

Biggest load of bullshit game. So lame. Doom 3 still far superior

2915d ago
xtremegamerage2915d ago

Doom3 was a great game, but fps.

This is tps survival horror at it's finest.

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