Humble Indie Bundle #2 now includes Bundle #1

You read that right — if you donate a certain amount towards the second Humble Indie Bundle, you will be able to snag the six games from the first bundle as well!

It's for a good cause and it's likely only to be around for a limited time (through the holidays, surely)!

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borisfett2835d ago

Anyone who pirates this is a scumbag.

Have some Christmas spirit. Donate to someone who needs it.

mrv3212834d ago

People should pirate Assassins Creed 2 because of it's DRM.

People shouldn't pirate this, the money is going to charity, how awesome is that.

Letros2834d ago

Just contributed, already have 5 of those games, but Revenge of the Titans looks fun =)

Sidology2834d ago

Awesome! We at The Gaming Vault appreciate your contribution to the developers/charities and your patronage!

Revenge of the Titans is a newcomer, premiering in this special bundle! Definitely worth your time to check out!

Letros2834d ago

Np, its a gutsy promotion that not many would attempt, and a great cause, kudos.

Thanks for working with Valve to get them activated on Steam, gamers like me really appreciate that.

Herminator2834d ago

Oh man, I missed the last bundle, so I am totally down for this!

kdogdaddy2834d ago

Always loved this program, picked up the Bundle a few days ago myself!

kasasensei2834d ago

Amazing, but i already purchased many of the games. Some of them 3 times, like machinarium.^^

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The story is too old to be commented.