New Test Drive Unlimited 2 Screenshots has updated its Test Drive Unlimited 2 gallery with a batch of new screenshots from the game.

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Sneak-Out2707d ago

Uh, can´t wait for this Game ...

Serjikal_Strike2707d ago

the graphics look like shit...

I know graphics aren't everything but seriously this looks like a last gen racer.....

sleepy32707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

What last gen racer looked like this?

its not up to the level of premium cars in GT5 but its not a generation behind. They even seem have gotten the shadows non-blocky. I honetly cant remember any last gen games looking like this, NONE. You had the Super PS2 HD or something? I can't even think of that many games that had polygonal door handles or modelled interiors, let alone fully modelled headlight clusters that aren't just textures. The graphics have a clean look to them. Not too jaggy, but not too amazing, just clean.

Anyways, I have never been a fan of the test drive series and i won't start now, but i have a couple friends that like it. You know the type that don't go for realism and think games are to escape reality, not be bound by it. To them i say pssshhhh, lol.

Daves2707d ago

I have to agree, there is a cartoon quality to the look of the whole thing. But graphics are not everything, how will it drive and play? That is the main thing.

As you say. Most think graphics make a game these days.

MUGEN2707d ago

Game looks much better at 1080p with all settings on very high(from beta).