The Future of Metroid Series

The Wiire looks at the many possibilities for future Metroid games and directions that Nintendo may want to consider in order to keep a healthy name for their favorite bounty hunter within the gaming community.

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cooke153631d ago

I would love an MMO Metroid. Imagine thousands of bounty hunters, you get to design your own hunter, your own ship, travel the galaxy looking for artifacts, fighting other bounty hunters, going from planet to planet, upgrading your weapons and ship. It would make an excellent scifi mmo

djt233631d ago

no i want a single player game

cooke153631d ago

How many single player metroids have we had now? I think the series needs a big change to keep it interesting.

Rooftrellen3631d ago

Metriod works best as a single player game, I think.

The change to 3D was major for it, and that wasn't so long ago, in number of games.

However, when it comes down to it, I think we all know Nintendo will do something amazing with it, and probably something none of us see comming.

unsunghero283631d ago

Metroid Prime was a major change from the original Metroid games. I'd be interested to see how Nintendo could use the Metroid license in new and inventive ways.

I'm not sure if that would be in an MMO, however. It could have online elements though- maybe a Phantasy Star-esque party system would work well.

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IanCube3631d ago

While I agree the MMO Metroid would be interesting, I really like the idea of using Wii Ware to further the series. It could work well over the long term if you think about it.

3631d ago
ChickeyCantor3630d ago

Metroid should be what it is already...not an mmo.