Game of the Year | GameState Awards 2010

GameState's GOTY is not Red Dead although it was nominated.

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Dark_Charizard2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Very good choice from the nominations. But clearly these guys haven't played ME2 and SMG2.

granthinds2550d ago

I played both. This year everything was so close in quality it was hard to decide what to put into the list, let alone choose the winner!

iamtehpwn2549d ago

Star Craft II?

*feels like I just got rickrolled o__O*

Vaud-Villian2549d ago

I think they are just desperately trying to make PC gaming seem like it is still relevant.

gillri2550d ago

ME2 or SMG2 shoulda won

these guys dont know bo-diddly-squat

Karooo2550d ago

For some reason, I love watching your videos lol.

granthinds2550d ago

Thank you :) Means a lot :)

Black-Helghast2549d ago

You had to be kidding me, Wheres halo reach? What about Super Mario Galaxy 2? MASS EFFECT 2?!?!? Damn, God of War didn't win much awards... :(

TroyAndAbed2549d ago

God of War didn't win because people just played through it, ignoring the story, just to review it.

TroyAndAbed2549d ago

Good choice. My GOTY was Heavy Rain. :)

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