Halo 3 Hype Builds: Free Xbox Live Gold, Midnight Launches, Regional Parties

With Halo 3 exactly two weeks out, the hype for Bungie's incessantly desired Xbox 360 shooter is reaching critical mass.

To celebrate the conclusion of the Halo trilogy on September 25, over 10,000 retailers nationwide will be selling the game at 12:01 AM. Microsoft's calling it "the biggest entertainment launch in history" and will be hosting launch night events in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle to champion the cause.

But wait, there's more.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3911d ago

Go Mircosoft, push your game as much you can. Throw launch parties all over the country.

i Shank u3911d ago

too bad your little b1tch ass only cares about things related to playstation. youre gonna miss out on some good fun

DrRage773911d ago

thank goodness microsoft and bungie are going into overdrive with the marketing of halo3, since i have no clue what halo is ;)

sak5003911d ago

few million people would be excited about it and couple of hundred thousand ps3 owners would be quivering in their beds with jealousy.

eLiNeS3911d ago

The HALO Holiday will be in full swing come Sep. 25th

iNcRiMiNaTi3911d ago

waiting to get my hands on my legendary H3...and it better live up to the hype...i was planning to get this and GTA4 for the holiday season but GTA became gay and went into next year...the first thing im gonna do is try out forge with my friends and try to get some achievements out in MP

radzy3911d ago

is that a girl or guy in your avatar. japanese rpg suck. correction , japanese games suck.
example of japanese rpg:
you hit me ?
i hit you ?
you hit me ?
i hit you ?
your turn ?
my turn ?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

But it looks kinda like Axel Rose.

Delt43911d ago

seriously funny!! had me laughing for a while. Bubb for you

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The story is too old to be commented.