Famitsu software sales (12/13 - 12/19)

The latest top ten software sales estimates in Japan have been released.

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kanedaakira2916d ago

sorry - but that made me chuckle!

RedDragan2916d ago

These results don't matter. NPD doesn't recognise them


norman292916d ago

I still stand by saying what i said many moons ago, what is the point of posting a software sales list without any numbers? for all we know they could have all sold like 1 less copy than the other

Chris3992916d ago

Doubt that Square Enix will even make back the $ on production and promotional costs. It's clear where the fanbase is, can't wait to see Wada release a PR statement on this. Spin that would make Greenburg dizzy.

Godmars2902916d ago

It probably is, just not in the top ten.

Now if its not in the top thirty...

Me, I'm disappointed that DW: Gundam 3 came in second. Even if they aren't showing actual numbers and its against the monster that is MH3.

I'm going to go bang my head against a wall now. Scream. Cry. Curl into ball under a shower sobbing. The whole shebang...

MaideninBlack2916d ago

FFXIII 360 didn't even crack the top 20.

•1. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Capcom, PSP): 581,543 (3,161,801)

•20. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii): 22,579 (3,044,425)

Godmars2902916d ago

I did say thirty...

Though thinking about, it also says something that the 360 version of Gundam Musou 3 is no where to be seen while the PS3 one is at #2.

Also missing from the list is GT5. Just saying.

NecrumSlavery2916d ago

I didn't even know it when it was coming to 360. I doubt anyone cares.

Does anyone know how long NO NI KUNI has been out? I really want that game like the world is going to end tomorrow! I am glad to see it in the top 10.

Simco8762916d ago

The sad thing about that is. Even though it released on the 360, the game still blew on the PS3.

360 brought it down graphically, but the game in general was horrible!

ZeldaForever2916d ago

shut the fuck theres nothing wrong with the 360's graphic..

Active Reload2916d ago

Chris399, How much do you think it cost to port that game? I'm sure they're happy with the sales, lol.

Chris3992916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

A collectors item magazine in each box, tv and magazine ads and shipping costs? And they sold under 20K copies (probably less). I'm sure they're REAL happy.

/ sarcasm off

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-Mezzo-2916d ago

No wonbder/ Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is on top.

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Ruggadagod2916d ago

until capcom makes a monster hunter game for the ps3. do you exactly know what will happen if this becomes a reality? it will officially blow away any lead the 360 has had thus far.

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