Ace Combat 6 heading to PS3 with Beautiful Katamari, Eternal Sonata?

According to an interview at the French website Jeux Video, (see the first alternative source below,) the producer of Ace Combat 6 has revealed the possibility of a PS3 version of the air simulation game.

In addition, earlier the official site for Beautiful Katamari listed PlayStation 3 and Wii versions as "TBD" ("To Be Determined,") The website has since then been updated, and the PS3 and Wii listing removed after being spotted and reported.

In a similar fashion, Eternal Sonata (aka Trusty Bell in Japan) is also listed as "TBD" for PlayStation 3 -- but interestingly, no Wii. The unintentional listing has also been discovered and removed.

Altogether which seem to be an interesting coincidence. 1UP speculates that Beautiful Katamari and Eternal Sonata will be announced at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2007, (i.e., the second alternative source below.)

Note: Snapshots of the evidences were taken by Kotaku before the websites changes and are attached below.

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Maddens Raiders3750d ago

regarding Ace Combat 6, then for ME personally it would be as big as KILLZONE 2. Remember this is for me. It would fill the final spot for why I purchased the PS3 in the first place.

Slot 1 - Gran Turismo 5


Slot 3 - Ace Combat 5 (w/online)

Hope it's true.

i Shank u3750d ago

having a ps3 is great, but there is something better; having a 360 and a ps3. no way you can lose with that; if one breaks (10/1 odds the 360 lol) you have the other to play. and if you're like me, someone whos loved ace combat since ps1, waiting a year or more to play it is too damn long, and the 360 joystick combo looks ace (shouldnt overheat...not an MS made product lol)

nasim3750d ago

Eternal SOnata

Beautiful katamari

and AC6

good decision by the NAMCO and KONAMI ...why support a console (x360 ) exclusively when it is dead in JAPAN and EU and lose millions of dollars in sales

Maddens Raiders3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I remember not long ago people making fun of the PS3 because Namco had repositioned itself on only bringing BKD out on the Wii and 360. If this is true I wonder what they've seen in the PS3 base that has changed their minds (besides the obvious: more money)? But if that's the only reason then why didn't they keep it slated that way?

I mean they made the bulk of their money in the 'haydays' of the PS2, so why slap the PS owners in the face that way? Never understood that one.

speaking of which - has anyone heard anything about CELLIUS and KK?

Jinxstar3750d ago

Nasim... you forgot billions in repairs =P

DEADEND3750d ago

If this is true then this may hurt the 360.

G_CodeMonkey3750d ago

Its going to be VERY sweet, especially with the flight stick, but its not going to hurt the 360. Its just good news for the PS3 if it happens--congrats if it happens. Ace isn't an exclusive that will necessarily sell (at least a LOT of) systems. gCM

xaphanze3750d ago

Japanese love Ace Combat.

TheFatOne3750d ago

Beautiful Katamari absolutely makes no sense as a 360 exclusive. No seriously think about it.

G_CodeMonkey3750d ago

Played the demo--no interest, especially at a full $60. If it were an XBLA title, I'm sure it would do better--may even hook my kids. gCM

riksweeney3748d ago

Agreed, the number of units sold in Japan wouldn't justify the exclusivity because the Xbox 360 doesn't sell over there, and no one in the west will buy it since they'll all be playing Halo 3...

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