Braid creator: Sony take more risks than MS with indie games

The creator of XBLA smash Braid has claimed that most Xbox Live Indie Games are "not very good" - and that Sony is less "conservative" than Microsoft when it comes to approving titles for PSN.

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Iamback2862d ago

Ok this is true and all but why was Braid first released on 360? This is question to them.

NewMonday2862d ago

"Although Blow said that Braid was released during a 'big time of optimism' for indie devs with games on XBLA - a year which also saw the release of Trials HD and Shadow Complex - he now believes 'the majority of games released on XBLA recently, most of them tank, they lose money' "

What changed now?

Masamori Sumimura2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

nobody cared about braid that's why he's complaining.

TrialsHD , splosion man , comc jumper, shadow complex , limbo , blade kitten and Dead rising 2 all have sold greatly.

whenever you decide to make games exclusive to one console you lose potential money.

mrv3212862d ago

'TrialsHD , splosion man , comc jumper, shadow complex and Dead rising 2 all have sold greatly. '

Trials HD isn't too much of an indie game, it's made by a small company, but one that knows it's market pretty well.

Splosion Man and Comic jumper are indie.

BUT... SHADOW COMPLEX and Dead Rising Case Zero could not be further from indie, both with huge support from Epic and Capcom, it'd be like calling Gears of War and Resident Evil 'indie'

The problem I see is over saturation.

StanLee2862d ago

Games like Super Meat Boy and Limbo has seen great success on XBox 360 and aren't really "indie" games. Indie games like Halfbrick Echoes, Lumi and Breeze are really indie successes from XBL Indie Games. Sony may take more risks but XBL is still the biggest platform for success even Blow knows that.

Active Reload2862d ago

I remember him being frustrated with MS because they were weary of him asking for $1 million to cover everything to get the game to the masses. If I find time I'll search further for that interview.

RedDragan2862d ago


And you know Live is better for indie games.... how exactly?

UnwanteDreamz2862d ago

@ StanLee

I can think of a few interviews where actual devs disagree with you so I would venture to say that your statement is true or false depending on who you speak with. I guess that makes your statement an opinion.

Theonik2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

"TrialsHD , splosion man , comc jumper, shadow complex , limbo , blade kitten and Dead rising 2 all have sold greatly."

Totally explains why the team that made blade Kitten got fired. Besides most of the games you mentioned aren't indie titles. Now blow actually has a point here nowadays Xbla has too much competition to the point that the market is saturated and only a handful of games do really well but the ones that do do so big time as XBLA is a large market. Problem is in getting your game "out there" but for indie devs it's difficult.

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rrw2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Because it easier to develop on xbox than ps3.

probably because of this PSN have more quality product since they develop much more serious than live counter part.

gillri2862d ago

Braid = one of the best games ever made

TheMART2862d ago

Not only with its indy games, also with the big IP's they do.

MS turned down on LittleBigPlanet when they got it handed on a silver plate by Media Molecule. Because of that decision I had to buy a POS3. Damn you MS.

LBP2 USA Collectors edition coming my way in little more than 3 weeks w00t w00t

But its truth, same reason Joe Danger launched on PS3, while the 360 version was already made also but hasn't released yet.

mrv3212862d ago

Microsoft turned down LBP because they don't want to pay for XBL and the cost LBP will cause.

GoldPS32862d ago

I didn't know LBP was gonna be on 360. You'll learn something new every day lol. MS strewed up on this one.

ThatIrishGamer2862d ago

LBP wouldn't have been has huge on 360 as XBOX gamers are the most closed minded of all the current gen systems.

LBP would be too different for them to grasp. First of all there's no real weapons in the game - that might give them seizures.

knowledge4lfe2862d ago

theMART is there a reason you call it a POS3?? whats so great about the 360.i wanted gears of war so i had to buy an xbox 3shitty.(see what i did there)? i guess you enjoy pissing away money for xbox live, a total joke by the way, rrod and e74 error break downs. with no 1st party support and if it wasnt for all the money they threw at companies n advertisement a like, it would be considered a joke. but please explain why its a POS3.PLEASE

dinkeldinkse2862d ago

TheMart used to be the biggest 360 fanboy on this site. I am glad to see that he is not given up on saying fanboyish things.

Danja2862d ago

Im actually surprised to see that he is still commenting him and bladestar were the biggest fanboys back in the day ..

on topic MS seems to not really care about indie games but more so in trying to get popular arcade games from the past on xbla

Flashwave_UK2862d ago

loool lbp on 360 with the ugly ass cover case hahaha

Stationfan2862d ago

Very true, one of the reasons that it went to ps3 was because of Live. While it's seamless it also has it cons one of them is the restrictions placed with user created dlc.

While psn lacks a integrated system its loose infrastructure is also a pro because it opens itself up to the play create genre, like modnation racers, Lbp, and maybe in the future who knows maybe Fps were you can rearrange the maps and create your own choke points from already pre made maps. But you arrange them how you want.

So I guess psn has the upper hand on live in this aspect

Thoreau2861d ago

pos3, is that what you think about......i was going to give you a bub, but i cannot.....

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Acquiescence2862d ago

We all knew this already though, didn't we?

TenSteps2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

*looks at Q-games and thatGameCompany*

Yup those two justify the statement imo

EVO-OM3GA2862d ago

Hmmmm interesting when you look at both the PSN and Live releases you would see far more indies on live than you would on PSN but oh well..

TroyAndAbed2862d ago

1. Live has been out longer.
2. Live has a platform for developers to make their own games.

Sony is still much more willing to let a developer release a game on the platform. They also like to ensure quality from that developer...helping them along the way, if need be.

EVO-OM3GA2862d ago

1. Live has been around longer, Sony has been around longer than MS so shouldnt they be pushing MS to up there game on the Software front like there doing with there hardware.
2.Your right about that, but is that a bad thing?

Sony ensures quality from there developers, sorry but what makes you suggest MS dont, how many Live titles have you played?

Jdoki2862d ago


I would say it's quality vs quantity. Both platforms have great titles, but I prefer the stuff on PSN.

And if we are arguing the quantity angle - I'd say Steam kicks both PSN and XBLA's backsides. And at the moment they have some great offers on Indie game packs.

EVO-OM3GA2862d ago

I agree with thte statement of Quality over Quantity but as of the end of 2010 all I have heard is PS3 users go on about the number of games there getting 2011, no one has played any of them aside from betas but they all believe they will all be quality thats complete bullshit and everyone knows it, some will get good reviews others wont, they will be compared to the previous versions and be rated on the good the bad and the stupid as all games are and we all know for a fact they wont all sell amazing numbers (and yes sales matters when your spending 20-40mil to develop games).

My point about live is alot of games on there are good, there different I think you find theres a more diverse lineup every month on live and each game is unique.

I dont use steam not a PC gamer so i cannot comment

Rage_S902862d ago

you obviously didnt read the article it gives you the reason in it

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