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WhenSpamAttacks writes: "It’s rare that an Xbox Live Arcade game comes along that, 1. I’m interested in enough to check out, and 2. is actually good. Pinball FX 2 is both interesting and a blast to play. To quantify how many quarters I’ve saved would be near impossible. To think I’ve been missing out on some of the finest pinball action outside of arcades is very disappointing. The first [Pinball FX] game never came across my radar, but Zen Studios has everyone covered."

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ShadowPraxis2888d ago

I used to love pinball growing up. Hell, I even played the crap out of a number of shitty NES pinball games. Maybe I should finally break down and give it a try.

SynGamer2888d ago

I remember having those smaller home plastic pinball machines. They were fun but this is probably as close to an actual pinball machine as I'll get :)