Sacked! Michael Vick and Madden

Michael Vick was removed from Madden NFL 08 on the same day that the NFL regular season began. Has the "Madden Curse" struck against the only athlete thought to overcome it? How did Vick's Madden career compare to his real-life career? Was September 5 the last time that gamers will ever see the former football star? The Wiire takes an in-depth look at EA's handling of Vick & Madden 08.

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SmokeyMcBear3904d ago

???? Vick did not overcome the madden curse, the year he was on the cover, thats the year he broke his leg in the preseason. The only athlete to not have that big of a hit was ray lewis, and he did suffer an injury late in the season.

VirusE3904d ago

Cursed or not they should burn this a$$hole alive for what he did to those dogs.

Lifendz3903d ago

what a thing to say. I guess we should go back to the ol' "eye for an eye" days. Whatever you do should be done to you huh? I think that's how justice is handled in the Middle Eastern countries that "we're spreading democracy" too /sarcasm off.

VirusE3903d ago

Yeah I agree, eye for an eye. In my opinion he was caught red handed doing EXTREMELY cruel things to animals so yes burn him alive. It's not like he potentially didn’t do it, he 100% did it and will get in little trouble for his crimes because he is a rich athlete. Life is life at the end of the day and if he did 1/100 of what he did to those dogs to a human he would go to jail for life and they would kill him very quickly in jail. The guy is f-ed in the brain to be able to do what he did and is of no use to society. It’s not like he took his dog out back and shot it; he fought them and then tortured them to death in horrible ways if they lost. I am sorry but I have NO sympathy for anyone who can torture any form of life for pleasure.

Life is situational and there isn’t a 1 size fits all cure for crime but in my opinion in cases of EXTREME undisputedly proven cruelty to other life they should burn you alive. Do you think dog fighting and torture would be so prevalent if the punishment was being burned alive? Pit bulls are an amazing dog breed that suffers so much unneeded pain and suffering due to POS gansta rap culture. F vick I hope he burns in hell

Keyser3903d ago

Man up!

I hope that you plan on going to the Tyson Foods factories and butchers right after you play Madden 08 right Virus E?

Give me a break...

VirusE3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Keyser the number on the card is 91 ironically the same as your IQ. The fact that you think that dog fighting is the same as a slaughter house just shows how much of a retard you are. Do some research on both and get back to me. Humans are omnivores ( will tell you what it means keyser) and as such we eat meat to live. Eating meat to live is one thing and mutilating animals for fun are two different things. I know that is hard for your very small brain to understand.

If being a "man" involves being a blind follower you can count me out. You are not a man you are a blind sheep.

okcomputer3903d ago

LOL @ the omnivore comment. My wife is a vegetarian and last time I checked she's still alive. We don't need meat to live, and you're being extremely naive if you don't think that a lot of the mass produced animals that end up on your plate for dinner every night don't go through at least a little bit of the suffering that vick's dogs went through. Check out peta's website, theres plenty of real evidence to support that. Ever hear of veal? or fois gras? Not exactly pleasant ways to go.

I'm not condoning vick's actions at all, I think he got a suitable punishment. I'm just kind of sick of sanctimonious hypocrites saying he should be literally burned at the stake, then going home to eat a slaughtered animal for dinner. and one last thing, please stfu with the "gangsta rap" thing. Contrary to what some believe not every ill in society can be traced back to rap music. Theres plenty of rednecks down south listening to country music right now who are just as much into dogfighting as vick was. Dog fighting is all about a bunch of sick individuals and has nothing to do with rap music or hip hop culture.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3904d ago

he got caught!

Your right VirusE, burn him at the stake.

ElementX3904d ago

I think he should be torn apart by pitbulls :)

HungPHAT3903d ago

[email protected]#kem you can take the punk out of the hood , but you can't take the hood out of the punk

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