Portal 2 release date confirmed, EA publishing

Portal 2 has got a final release date - and the retail version will be published by EA Partners.

The game will hit retail shelves on April 21, 2011 for PS3, 360, Mac and PC.

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cakeisalie2911d ago

Listed as 18th April on Steam. Cant wait for this one.

Ranshak2911d ago

Wondering which platform to get this for. My PC is a bit old now it runs Left4dead 2 maxed out just fine. Debating wether to get it for my PC or PS3.

cakeisalie2911d ago

If your PC can run Left4dead at max settings then this uses the same engine. It should run fine. I would say save the 10-15usd and get the PC version. PS3 version probably wont be running above 720p anyways.

xDaRkModEx2911d ago

Can't forgot about mod support for pc. :), I am just assuming thou if it does get mod support.

njr2911d ago

I don't trust the release date, Valve time you know?

toaster2911d ago

@ xdarkmodex

It's a Valve game, you don't have to worry whether it will have mod support or not because that is one of the biggest selling points for Valve games. The community thrives on modding, keeping the game up and running long after the console versions were dead and forgotten.

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TheDeadMetalhead2911d ago

Sooner than I thought it would be. Awesome.

Eamon2911d ago

Hopefully then I'll be still alive.

HarryMonogenis2911d ago

When you're dying I'll be.... still alive.

When you're dead I'll be.... still alive.

Eamon2911d ago

still alive... still alive.

SonyNGP2911d ago

Getting this one Steam ^w^

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The story is too old to be commented.