"PS3 Starterspack is here to stay"

The European PlayStation 3 starterspack, which included a PS3, both MotorStorm, Resistance and a second Sixaxis for only €600, is here to stay reports Dutch website

Sony Computer Entertainment made this official at the pressevent 'Welcome Home', held today in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Starterspack is here to stay because it is a huge success in Europe. MotorStorm and Resistance are by the way also the bestsellers at the PlayStation 3 nowadays

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resistance1003908d ago

Well all they need to do is drop the price to £350 but keep the starter pack and include a blu-ray film and they will sell well.

Plus include PES and Heavenly Sword in one pack


You gotta bring it to the US also .

XxZxX3908d ago

why no starter pack in US

Vojkan3908d ago

Beacuase you dont need it. You can buy 60gb for 499 and for less than 100$ Motorstorm and Resistance.

PS3 is to expensive here in Europe.

BackDoorMoi3908d ago

Why US$200 less, will be great....

Marcello3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

but i dont want those games with it nor a extra controller i wanna payless and i dunno there isnt a game out i want on PS3 :(

If i did get one i would prob rent those 2 games along with heavenly sword first to see if i wanna buy em, looks like it wont be well into next year untill i get one but defo once GT5 is out.