Legendary PS1 RPG hits Japanese PSN Store

The Dragoons are back, but only in Japan for now

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Kain812546d ago

release this here in EU too

i hope there is a Sequel or remake too

NecrumSlavery2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Ahh give us some western love, Japan!

*still waits for Xenogears*

Ratchet5102546d ago

Yea These PS1 games are legendary, XBL dont got nothing good like PSN. Also like FF7 and 8.

NovusTerminus2546d ago

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I have been WAITING for this one along time! Bout time! cannot wait!!! HAHAHA!!!

FinalSpartan2546d ago

you can play it on your PSP if you have one with CFW. Just to let you know. Any PS1 games.

Kain812546d ago

i lost my EU-copy, I've given it to someone, but never got it back. I still have the Japanese Version, but since than i dont lend my Games to someone...never again

CrzyFooL2546d ago


ugh, Legend of Dragoon is so fking over rated its not even funny. Story and combat system were both weaksauce - why do people love this so much!?

ComboBreaker2546d ago

asked people who can see colors why they love colors so much. What's so good about colors?

CrzyFooL2546d ago

I played pretty much every PS1 RPG - and I stand by my statement. Legend of Dragoon is vastly overrated.

commander2545d ago

Lol ok and Fallout 3 is the epitome of overrated.

nsnsmj2546d ago

I REALLY hope this makes it to the U.S. store. Hell, I hope it makes it to every PS store.

I liked this game more than FF7....Yeah, I said it.

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Sitris2546d ago

never played it, wouldn't mind checking it out, the game has gotten high praise from people.

Kurisu2546d ago

Same here, I'd like to get a chance to play someday.


i love this game it definatly needs a sequel

ThatCanadianGuy2546d ago

Only in Japan?

Son of a bitch..

Sitris2546d ago

Soon, or just get a jap account and buy a japanese PSN game card. And then learn Jap......hmmmmm.....could be a while. You may even beat the European version of the download too!

Acquiescence2546d ago

Don't worry, it'll be over here in due time.

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The story is too old to be commented.