Kinect Hack Taken To Extreme Levels in Japan

This Japanese Kinect Hack shows how first person games may take advantage of limb tracking in a virtual environment.

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4cough2862d ago

Micosoft has so much insight its untold.

AAACE52862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Seems like Kinect is only limited by a developers imagination! It's kinda a good thing they made it to be hacked so easily. It opens up a whole new world for development and bring new talent and ideas to the platform.

What's stranger is it actually might garner a bit of attention in japan because of the things you can do with it!

FinalSpartan2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

that was cool, Fifa penalty shootouts with kinect? :D Kinect power is showing i think some people are getting jealous... when developers crack into this and stop making shovel ware or generic party games and implement them to proper games it could be awesome. Mirrors edge free running kinect? balancing on beam :D

fr0sty2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

the virtual reality tracking is nothing but head tracking (which we've seen pseye do already in several games) and a pair of VR goggles (which aren't exclusive to kinect in any way). other than that, it's just an anime girl pasted over what we've already seen done with the ricochet demos.

"Seems like Kinect is only limited by a developers imagination! "

And 30fps, lag, and lack of buttons.

hennessey862862d ago

if you watch carefully troll you will see its tracking full body not just the head so when you move your legs you can see through the vr glasses not possible with any other camera. lets see ps eye do that without glowing balls stuck to evry part of your body

fr0sty2862d ago

i actually didn't see the video that far in, you are right. while it is something move could do with 2 controllers and a vr helmet, it wouldn't be able to track as accurately. this is one thing kinect shows promise for, however i doubt it'll ever make it's way to the 360. this seems like something better suited for PC gaming, where you have an open ended system that can easily be adapted to add things like VR headsets. I don't think such an expensive adapter (the headset) on top of another expensive adapter (kinect) in the console world would work all that well. Maybe in the next gen systems, but until then this is a PC thing.

If the next gen kinect came out without the lag, had a controller (you do need buttons for some things, even the best camera can't see every finger always and detect the most subtle of our movements), and came with 3D VR glasses like that, I'd buy it.

Until now, the current version isn't much more to me than a demo of what to expect when they get it right.

PHOSADRA2862d ago

Stuff like this was shown at E3 when they first revealed Kinect...
And how it could move the new Xbox Avatars

Rather than moving a Xbox Avatar.... they just decided to move the character Miku

cyborg69712862d ago

That makes no sense at all.
Ot I wonder who the one westerner was that bought this crap.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2862d ago

kinect is pretty crazy they can do so much with it, i dont plan on buying one soon but that look really cool. it looked like the movie GAMER but with Glasses and kinect instead.. interesting

acky12862d ago

lol hardly. These kinect hacks are mostly abysmal ideas that work horribly. Kinect still can't do anything useful.
Sony 'til I die

zagibu2861d ago

The hairfoot-head at the end was certainly crazy, yes. Japanese-style crazy.

Sea_Man2862d ago

I wish I could understand Japanese!

nickjkl2862d ago

wait i just thought of something

if kinect comes to pc and people with pcs buy it for their pcs

it would be pc and 360 vs move

and if it sells well 360 fanboys will tout numbers like never before

FanboyPunisher2862d ago

This isnt a fanboy war.
This is..

Pre-Pubescent children being fanboys.

Baka-akaB2862d ago

or it will be pc in its own market as usual . Stop pretending the pc "belongs to MS" and wanna be involved in that console war

Eamon2862d ago

"wait i just thought of something"

you just thought of something idiotic. What a retarded comment. Wow.

pedrami912862d ago

Owns a Personal Computer aswell (365 million people worldwide owns a PC)...........

I dont see where you're going with this.....

Pillville2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

So people can hook up Kinect to their Sony VAIOs. It will be Sony and 360 vs PS3? /s

HeartDisease2862d ago

in case your late to the party, kinect is already on pc. go get you one! ohh whats that? no games? same reason you dont have one for your xbox? ahh thats too bad >>

evrfighter2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

i bought as a gift to my daughter. I totally plan on hooking it up to my pc when she gets tired of it.

pc devs or modders will come out with something interesting for it soon enough.

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