Air Aces: Pacific - PC Review by Brash Games

Imagine - powering up the throttle, feeling the vibration of the powerful engine run through the metal chassis of the plane, looking through the glass dome above you and seeing the end of the runway - then you're off, gaining speed, you feel the wind buffeting the wings, the wheels bouncing off the bumps and ridges of the flight deck. Then you pull back on the stick, you're up, the nose of the aircraft reaches up into the wild blue yonder as the world you leave behind gradually becomes smaller. Ahh the exhilaration of flying, the freedom, the peace, the tranquillity... Suddenly broken by a spray of bullets smashing into the flimsy skin of the P-51 Mustang. Bank left, bank right, dive, climb, do whatever you can to avoid getting hit and engage the enemy.

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