MediaKick 2010 Game Of The Year Winners

As another year draws to a close, the games of the previous twelve months are remembered, analysed, scrutinised, hated, loved and ultimately pinned against each other. Having had votes collected from you, our readers, over the past three weeks, we have established the best games of the year for their respective categories. Some are hardly a surprise, whilst others may be a little more unexpected. Regardless, these are to be considered the best games of 2010 – that is, until the staff’s top three games of the year are revealed later on today, tomorrow and Friday.

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thereapersson2916d ago

Halo: Reach should win "Best FPS" over Black Ops.

Also, Joe Danger is awesome!

hamburger1232916d ago

every fps>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>BLOPS

Substance1012916d ago

Still isnt an FPS out there that can top TF2 imo.

Kill Crow2916d ago

Reach should get Best FPS and Best Online Multiplayer !!!!

trainsinrdr2916d ago

Bad company 2 should get every fps award ever.

cakeisalie2916d ago

For an MP game Badcompany 2 was the best looking FPS out this year specially on the PC running at max settings.

For SP i think the sleeper hit of the year is easily Metro 2033, the game just didnt receive the hype it should have. Even in DX10 the game running in max settings easily looks better then anything out this year, Even gives Crysis a run for its money.

BatClarkeee2916d ago

none of those fps will ever be as good as haze

madden102916d ago

none of those games will ever be as good as Too Human

NovusTerminus2916d ago

Super Street Fighter 4 got best fighter and runner up was Naruto UNS2? I like Naruto, but where was BlazBlue: Continuum Shift?

And we all know my Resonance of Fate complaint...

djhsecondnature2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift was in fourth with 10.4%