Mass Effect Interactive Comic Book Announced

Ahead of the launch of the Mass Effect 2 demo on the UK PlayStation Network later today, Electronic Arts has announced a brand new interactive comic based on the videogame series. Mass Effect Genesis has been developed as a collaboration between from Dark Horse Comics and BioWare, as is set to arrive over the holiday period on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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NecrumSlavery2890d ago

Why is this on the PS Store when it comes right on the disc?

Mc Fadge2890d ago

Actually, it's optional. To get the comic you have to download it. The comic appears after SPOILERSShepard diesSPOILERS, if the user has downloaded it, of course.

Blacktric2890d ago

Same thing can be asked about why all the free DLC won't come with the Blu-Ray. You still have to log onto the Cerberus Network and download free DLC's from there just like Xbox 360 and PC users. It's kind of strange if you ask me. Not adding free content to the disk while you have at least 30 something GBs of free space.

Bereaver2890d ago

Are you serious? That's horrible..... wtf were they thinking? Wow.... I won't be able to download quickly living in Shanghai.... maybe I won't be picking this up anyway. ( I played it on PC already though, just not the DLC).

That really sucks :(

Blacktric2890d ago

Well the biggest ones, if I'm not mistaken, are Zaeed The Price Of Revenge and Firewalker Pack DLCs which weighs around 500 MBs. Price Of Zaeed adds the Mercenary companion named Zaeed and his loyalty mission to the game while The Firewalker Pack adds the Firewalker vehicle and its own set of quests. You don't have to download them but they're really fun to play. The other big ones are paid DLCs and are already on the disk. Though you still have to pay for the other DLC's like Firepower Pack and Aegis Pack which adds new weapons and armor to the game (both of them are being sold for 2 dollars).

DigitalRaptor2883d ago

It is really strange and something I'd like to ask Bioware about. I mean seriously... I'm sure there's at least 10 GB of space free on the disc, they could've put everything on the disc.

Not that I'm not grateful for them bringing the game and the major DLCs to PS3, but why not just bundle absolutely everything on the disc? Seems like a waste.


Its for PC and Xbox 360 now aswell? Was It not exclusive to PS3 recently?

Wizziokid2890d ago

did you just read the title?

gamingdroid2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Yeah, I was under the impression the interactive comic book was a PS3 exclusive, but it now appears according to the article that it is a multi-platform release.

Fantastic news! It looked like a very cool interactive comic (albeit it seems very summarized).

pr0digyZA2890d ago

Thats awesome if it is,now I can make some different choices on the PC version and see how it plays out.

Ether2890d ago

So this was the Genesis the name of which was leaked motnhs ago on that forum along with the ME on PS3 info. The leak was a little off mark as to the actual content, though.

CryWolf2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Sounds good now you don't have to play the first game and transfer your save data to Mass Effect 2 you can just use that interactive comic book Awesome.