More New Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Screenshots Revealed

Following the new batch of screenshots taken from Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine that Electronic Theatre brought you earlier this week, another selection has now been revealed. Just as with the first group of images, these new screenshots show the Ultramarines doing what they do best: annihilating Orks.

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kevco332862d ago

The more I see of this the more I'm impressed. Steadily climbing up my most wanted list!

pedrami912862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

If so, that looks bloody amazing !

joeorc2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

the plasma gun an the heavy bolter screen's are pretty good. I hope there is more chapter's than the ultra marines though.

an if you could play chaos space marines..please thousand sons...!

or noise marines..hehe that would be fun.

this looks very good. cannot wait

joeorc2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

an for people that do not know:

that game has been in development for quite some time.

it may not get rated high, which i already expect...the PSP an the DS game of Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command in my opinion was a great game but some online review 's did not like the game. look on metacritic

the game was good but many critic's did not like the game, but that's ok in my opinion the game is going to be pretty good from their past takes on Warhammer 40k ip's THQ has been pretty good with their game quality on this IP. but that's my opinion an take on this series of games.

it may be bad but i think they have had a good track record sofar on Warhammer ip's their dawn of war series is some of the best games out there on the PC.