GameStop getting strict with Halo 3

Employees may get fired.

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MaximusPrime3874d ago

if i was one of the employee, i dont give a damn about Halo 3. i'd rather wait for Killzone 2.

Gil3874d ago

You don't like the 360, you don't like Halo 3, but yet you read an article and posted a comment about it. WTF?? Why did you even bother?

ShiftyLookingCow3874d ago

my ignore list just gobbled you

VirusE3874d ago

Sweet, just keep in mind your opinion is a minority and not need in this thread. Thanks though

kewlkat0073874d ago

beats me...fanboys are like that you know, there is a word for it...hmmm.."TROLLING" ;, yup that's it.

There will be another article on the same game or topic, and guess what, the same will be said.

XENOCIDE3874d ago

but in the meantime, try n' refrain from making useless comments on articles relating to game(s) you obviously don't care for. 'Specially when those comments are completely off-topic n' not so well thought out.

SmarterThanYou3874d ago

and then posts how ps3 users can't post on a 360 news.

VirusE3874d ago

SmarterThanYou why not try and be the bigger person rather than supporting the BS? Some of us think for ourselves. You shouldn’t assume that all of us in this thread spam the hell out of ps3 post. Then again if you are so smart you should have known this already

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RadientFlux3874d ago

good, it might help keep the game from being leaked to pirates for an extra few days

PimpHandHappy3874d ago

thats funny

PPL that cant wait a few days really need to find some sticky icky and just farging chill!

slugg3874d ago

Is that for Halo 2, we (I am a Gamestop employee) WERE allowed to open the boxes early, the day before, to be exact, to prep for our midnight opening. Anyone who works where games are sold can back me up on this, but games come packaged in groups of 4, then 4 of those boxes in a bigger box, then THOSE boxes in a case, all of them glued/ sealed practically airtight, with the case boxes then taped with orange tape that says "DO NOT SELL UNTIL..." with the release date printed on it. For Halo 2, then, we were allowed to dig through all this cardboard, tape and glue ahead of time so that customers would not have to wait for us to do so once we opened. For Halo 3, we cannot open a box until all the previous copies of that version are SOLD, i.e., in customers hands and already payed for. Also, for Halo 2, we were told to inform customers that if they payed off their game in advance, they could just stroll into our midnight launch and show i.d., and be off with their game we had ALREADY rung through the register in the hours between when the store closed normally and then reopened for the midnight launch of Halo 2. Only one problem-- so many people payed off Halo 2, that the line of people who were told they wouldn't have to wait was 500+ people long by the time we opened our doors! Add to that people who "thought" they had their game payed off and "accidentally" got in the wrong line, and Halo 2's launch was a mess, even with the BOXES OF PRODUCT ALL ALREADY OPENED and the games prepped for sale. So, for Halo 3, our store has (as of yesterday) 787 copies of Halo 3 preordered, a huge proportion of which will be picked up at our midnight launch. But in addition to having to open boxes as we go, we were also told that pre-paid people get no special line, etc, and that we would have to treat the midnight launch as "business as usual"-- trying to get reservations, add-on sales, and subscriptions to Game Informer magazine. This all ads up to people having to wait a LONG time that night, and those of us that work that midnight launch might be there 'til morning.

VirusE3874d ago

ahhh memories. I remember waiting in line and people lighting the trash cans on fire! It is funny how enjoyable line camping can be.

i Shank u3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

sounds like waiting for H2 was fun for you bro. personally, i blazed like 3 joints before getting in line at 11:30 and had to stand in line for 2 hours stoned as a mother, listening to all these little pubes going off about how this was the best day of their life and how chief is their hero ahhhhhh its was fvcking lame, meanwhile all my friends had called me within a few mins after 12 and said they had already picked the game up from wal marts with no preorders and no lines. i realize the joints were bad now, had no idea i was gonna wait for that long, but this time i said fvck the preorder, im going to walmart lol

moral of the story - kids, dont do drugs

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