DC Universe Online UK pricing confirmed

It'll cost UK PC and PS3 gamers £9.99 a month to play superhero MMO DC Universe Online, SOE has confirmed to Eurogamer.

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Jdoki2916d ago

There's absolutely no way I'm going to take a risk on DC Online at £39.99 (even allowing for discounts on the RRP at retailers and online).

I can only see this game failing badly on the PS3, unless they drop the price of entry significantly, and quickly. At £39.99 it will also struggle on PC, considering people are used to paying £24.99 for PC games and have City of Heroes/Villains (well rounded and content packed - even if it showing it's age) and Champions Online (going F2P in the New Year) to choose from.

Someone needs to come up with a radical business model for MMO's on consoles.

I think publishers should treat MMORPG's like normal RPG's. If a normal offline RPG takes 50hours (on average) to complete then players should be given 50hours of free game time for every new character they create, before the subscription model kicks in.

So for those gamers not wishing to subscribe, they can still make a few characters, have some fun, and more importantly, feel they got their money's worth from the game.

Or the developer/publisher need to get the game out there for a low cost - or even free - take a hit on the software and then make the money through the subscription model.

Paying £39.99 to buy the game and get 30days 'free', then be expected to pay 9.99 per month is just too risky.

N311V2916d ago

I'm beta testing this now and I agree that I there is a good chance this will fail. I expect a large number of players at the beginning but these will quickly plumit. New games come out fairly often on consoles, as soon as somebodies attention is on a different game for the majority of a month they'll see their subscription as a waste of money and cancel. Some will anticipate this and cancel before that month arrives. Also if the beta is what we're getting on release this game will get ripped to shreds, so many bugs that console games will find unacceptable in a full priced game.

They did a similar thing with WoW in Australia where you could get it for $2 with the 30 day trial. Honestly it's the only reason I tried it out. Didn't subscribe though as I got bored with it.

Quagmire2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Damn. Was hoping to buy this game, but the pricing is intimidating me. 40pounds for a game 30days free, then 10 pounds a month each, 130pounds lifetime on PC only?

Why couldnt this be an Action/Sandbox/RPG instead of an mmo?