Penny Arcade editor slams PS3 and Lair, Defends IGN

"We don't need Lair to be good, and so we don't need to make excuses for it. It has been extremely strange to watch the community react to reviews like the one at IGN, with claims that the site is "known" to be biased against the Playstation 3 - as though a site with IGN's expenses could afford to play such a dangerous game with one of the pillars of the medium. The reality is that IGN delivering a four-point-nine review of a title this anticipated is a sign of their allegiance to the reader. I'm not a fan of the site. is not my homepage. But scoring a game this low, so at variance with their average numerics, is the sort of maneuver that should restore faith."

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RadientFlux3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

ok first off they didn't slam PS3 they slammed the fanboys criticizing IGN on their review and the notion that IGN is bias.

nasim3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

well we all know about IGN

they gave HS a 7/10 and TWO WORLDS(an x360 game that got 2/10 from Gamespy and most other websites a 6.8/10)

IGN even gave a horrible game like Blue Dragon a 7.8/10 ...even other MS biased websites Like GS and 1up gave Blue Dragon 6/10

IGN gave lower scores to ps3 version of GRAW 2 after it was proved that ps3 version was graphically superior.

IGN gave lower scores to ps3 version of SKATE despite being superior.

IGN gave a horrible game like Jade's Empire a 9.9/10

IGN even gave a boring FPS like Bioshock a 9.7/10

IGN overrates just about any x360 game and underrates all ps3 games

@ Virus BOT

this is TWO WORLD's review at GAMESPY

TWO WORLD"S got 2/10 at gamespy and Doupecz.they termed it as the worst game ever made

even this garbage TWO WORLD's scored a 6.8 at IGN and LAIR 4.9????

VirusE3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Nasim 90% of all gaming sites gave bioshock over a 9.0. Not only are you brain dead but you are also blind

You have never played jade empire so how would you know if it sucked or not?

Better graphics do not = a better game.

How do you know skate is superior on the ps3 if you have never played it on the 360?!?!? What do you base any of your opinions on? You are such an idiot.

Lair sucks just as much as you do nasim get over it.

tehcellownu3905d ago

why do they even care?? they love *ickriding microsoft..u can tell their 360

Loopy3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

No Bioshock doesn't deserve a 9 or 10 out of 10. Maybe a 8, but not above. The game is completely overhyped.
This leads me to the point that IGN reviews and many site reviews are biased.

MikeMichaels3905d ago

With the person doing the reviews.

For god's sake IGN. You're one of the biggest game sites on the net, hire some kind of industry professional (be it film or games) to do your reviews, not some kid.

VirusE3905d ago

"No Bioshock doesn't deserve a 9 or 10 out of 10. Maybe a 8, but not above. The game is completely overhyped.
This leads me to the point that IGN reviews and many site reviews are biased."

Funny it seems like the entire professional gaming media disagree with you. What do you do for a living again?

HarryEtTubMan3905d ago

Virusbot got to your on sh!t60 thread and stop scavenging Ps3 threads. No one cares what you think . I have Bioshock and have beaten it (it was kool) and don't give a sh!t about playing it again.... IT IS OVERHYPED.. GO SUCK YOUR THUMB AND CRY ABOUT IT LITTLE B!TCH

Dannagar3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

"OverHyped" is a word that PlayStation 3 Fanboys use to discredit fantastic Xbox 360 such as BioShock. I'm sure that 99% of them haven't played it or tried it with the intentions of bashing it. And of course, if a Site doesn't favor a Playstaion 3 game, they are called bias. So there you have it.


This title is a little misleading and needs to be changed,

I can understand why some people have qualms w/IGN about this issue, Imagine if it was a good game like GOD of War, that got slammed, wouldn't you want to speak out against a bad score.

Likewise, some (i don't know who) but some people feel that it was a good game and they have every right to slam IGN if they want. Just Like IGN has every right to Slam Lair if they want.

Sharing one's opinion is these days seems to be a very dificult task, And I don't know if its because its being done via internet thus making it impersonal or what. But the bottom line is, everyone has the right to say what they want. Thats why we are here, on this very forum.

Kudos to this dude, and Lair supporters and to everyone else who wants to blab on the internet to share there opinions. There is no need to get in an uproar over this issue.

Game on Game hedz


HarryEtTubMan3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Idon't even have a PS3 but to say this game deserves ten is crazy... if a gimmicky fps like Bioshock is whats considered todays "10" I'm done with gaming... aren't u guys sick on unreal engine gloomy FPS? This game doesn't even have replay value...what different plasmids?? OMG so gay...I guess maybe cool for a 14 year old... Sorry I didn't like it, and no one really cares what the "industry" rated it... their are many people like me, that exoected this amazing crazy, sandbox FPS and got Bioshock.... a linear, gloomy,arrow-shows-u-where-to- go, already know who the last villian is Atlus 3/4 through the game, trys to hard game. It's my opinon, get over it

Ha.. I'm a junior in college cool guy

VirusE3905d ago

HarryEtTubMan you are a retard click my name i have a ps you f-ing idiot. I am just not a brain washed fanturd like you.

Dannagar3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

HarryEtTubMan, Junior College? I've happen to come across a number of your posts and they all kind of read the same (Mostly bashing or verbal attacks).

As for your opinion on BioShock, there's no problem there. Its your opinion but as for the rest of the World... other may rank it Higher for their own reasons. For myself, I enjoyed my experience in Rapture and I was happy to support the publisher by purchasing the game.

VirusE3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

HarryEtTubMan your a junior in college and i am a pro pornstar. The first sign you are a kid is the fact you call everything "gay". Then the hate and lack of intelligence seals the deal. Shouldn’t you be doing chores for your mom or putting a fart pipe on your 92 civic se rather than wasting your time trying to convince us you are over 16?

Jinxstar3905d ago

I would agree bioshock is good and maybe deserves a 8.5 but thats just my opinion. I hove posted on here before a lot on why I think it deserves such. It was fun. I beat it. I own it. The game is done now... Seriously just like Lair. They have come and pretty much both gone... I played lair as well.. 4.9 is a bit low. It is by no means unplayable or anything. It takes a good amount of practice to get good at(Just like any game worth playing i.e. halo in the eyes of many) I would give it seriously a 7. Its fun, pretty, sounds great, Feels like driving a 18 wheeler through the sky but still... Not that horendously bad. I had to see for myself and was not dissapointed.

Radiomorph3905d ago

So you are objective and unbiased?

MikeGdaGod3905d ago

just keep reporting the story......i just did

power of Green 3905d ago

I dissagree its Sony leading the charge. Now back to the "How to review Lair guide book" from Sony. J/K. I dissagree!, they were talking about anybody taking action in defense of games IGN reviewed- rather it be RELEASEING how to review guides or spewing slanderish posts or posting fraudulent news etc.

nasim = nut...

kr90913905d ago

XBOTS are saying the same thing about Killzone 2 for PS3. EVERY fanboy uses the word "overhyped" not just PS3 owners so grow up dude.

Dannagar3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Kill Zone 2, Sony answer to Halo or should we say the Halo wanna be? I'm just kidding. I would say that its unreasonable for anyone to call or make judgments on a game that over a year away. Too, I wouldn't doubt that Xbox Fanboys are doing the same thing. And who knows, it might be better than Halo. Only time will tell.

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Goldsack3905d ago

This is Bullshxt!!!!
IGN is bias.

SageFrancis3905d ago

Yay, I love it when 360 fanboys post news bashing PS3

Dannagar3905d ago

Xbox Fanboys don't create the good Xbox 360 news you hear everyday. Xbox fanboys don't create the bad PS3 news you hate to read everyday. But if you think the power of the media is in the Hands of Xbox 360 fanboys, than the Playstation 3 is truly done for.

MikeGdaGod3905d ago

only thing is.....there is NO bad ps3 news here. the guy talks badly about THE GAME "LAIR" and defends the ps3.

this site is like the twilight zone sometimes. do you xbots even read the stories? validating this story just makes you look foolish.

Dannagar3905d ago

My comment was directed at SageFrancis's Statement, "Yay, I love it when 360 fanboys post news bashing PS3". Either he's accusing the site which posted the News of Being an Xbox FanBoy or Penny Arcade. My comment has nothing to do with the news article. I think it may have gone a little over your head scottie2521.

rubarb233905d ago

"For my part, I don't give a good Goddamn if someone has trained themselves to eat sh!t and like it" - golden.

VirusE3905d ago

A very well written article that sums up exactly how i feel about lair and the fanboys who have called ign biased.

MetalProxy3905d ago

Give it up!! U think your not a fanboy, lol.

VirusE3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Hey metal, just like i told HarryEtTubMan I OWN A PS3 STOP BEING A SHEEP. Click my name i have a psn tag. I am sorry i am not a brain washed idiot like you are. Lair got bad reviews because it was a bad game. Get over it single system fanboy. Metal i unlike yourself own all 3 and a pc.

thetruthinator3905d ago

Games aren't always good... if they were there would be not point in reviewing games in the first place.

IGN gave it a 4.9 and, which takes all of the reputable reviewing sites and takes an average score shows that lair gets a 6.1

IGN even posts the gamestats score on the right side of every review

Lair sucks.... deal with it

Hyperactive Jedi3905d ago

I enjoy playing Lair for hours at a time, me and my dragon have become good friends. maybe the reviewrs forgot they are on a dragon that will avoid crashing against a mountain by taking evasive action....unlike a plane... maybe that's why they had a control issue with the dragon. If they have trouble with the targetting system, they dont have to use it.
I do quite well with or without it.
Lair is a pretty good game and I am glad I didnt listen to the reviews...not the 1st time a game will prove them wrong.
Enough said, I have Lair withdawal, need to get back to my favorite dragon.

Kaneda3905d ago

VirusE 5.2..

hmm...I think you are a fanboy! you like Xbox 360 more than PS3... according to your photo. why would you spent time taking picture like that expressed your hatred to the PS3..

VirusE3904d ago

"why would you spent time taking picture like that expressed your hatred to the PS3"

Please tell me that comment was a joke?????

Kaneda I think you are reading into the pic in the wrong way. I love my ps3, I am not holding up my finger at the ps3 but at the reader who thinks I don’t own one. It is just coincidence that my finger is in front of the ps3. I love games not systems. Talk about being defensive.

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