Top 5 Cult Games Of 2010

Continuing Gamasutra's 2010 round-up, Brandon Sheffield presents our top 5 cult hits of the year, a eclectic mix of games from the B-movie esoterica of Deadly Premonition, to the pressures of running a professional game dev sweatshop.

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TheDeadMetalhead2736d ago

If you have a 360, you need to get Deadly Premonition. If you have a PS3, import it.

TroyAndAbed2736d ago came out on PS3 somewhere else? Japan?

TheDeadMetalhead2736d ago

Yes. For some reason, only the 360 version was released internationally.

trainsinrdr2736d ago

if you have a taste for good games forget it

Wizziokid2736d ago

if you care about great story and not just graphics, get it

Dark_Charizard2736d ago

Where's Sin and Punishment Star Successor?

TroyAndAbed2736d ago

I love games like Deadly Premonition for the same reasons I love campy horror flicks.

Some things in this world should just be appreciated for what they are. :)

Venox20082736d ago

Deadly premonition is a great game, but you need get to it :)

femshep2736d ago


and since when do Iphone and facebook games count as REAL games?
i never counted them as REAL games for the fact they aren't

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