Halo 3 - Microsoft Game Studios's first 1080p game?

Usually only third party publishers have had the HDTV 1080p logo on the back of their released Xbox 360 title's boxes, but nothing released by MGS. That will change on September 25th.

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JsonHenry4116d ago

It has an output of 1080p, but so what? So does any other 360 game I own.

The internal rendering frame is what I want to know. What resolution does the game run in BEFORE being upscaled to 1080p. The PS3 and the Xbox360 does NOT have ANY games that run NATIVELY at 1080p.

Anyone who knows anything about the bandwidth needed to run a graphics intensive game NATIVELY at 1920*1080 knows that neither console can handle that heavy of a load.

Don't be fooled here people. Read my other posts, I am a Microsoft fan. I am not dissing this game as I have it pre-ordered as of today. Just saying this is propaganda at its finest.

Ju4116d ago

I don't know for Halo, but I can guarantee that PS3s

Ridge Racer 7, Full Auto 2, Virtual Tennis, Ultimate Alliance (badly, though) run native 1080p (which I own), beside Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Lair (which I don't own but had rented or played the demo).

Why I know its 1080p native ? Because the PS3 scaler is so bad, you get blurry images if upscaled (e.g. see Rainbow6 Vegas. That always upscales - probably a 360 left over ? - even if you have a 720p res set and no way to disable that).

VirusE4116d ago

Ju the games you named are 100% native. Sigma looks great in 1080p!

i Shank u4116d ago

a couple months back i remember reading Bungie saying the game will run in 720p natively and be upscaled to 1080p. unless anything's changed, i'd bet thats how the game will be

JsonHenry4116d ago

You obviously know nothing of what I am talking about. The games are rendered internally at a set resolution, then upscaled. MOST games for both systems don't even run at a full 720p resolution.

And no, your PS3 DOES NOT run those games natively in 1080i/p. It is upscaled as well using a software scaler. (which is why it usually looks like crap when upscaled) It outputs them in 1080 to your TV, but the game is rendered internally at a much lower resolution.

It is a trick developers have been using for a long time. Nothing new to see here folks!

Ju4116d ago


You're a funny guy. No really. You know this, because ? (you are a developer, right?).

Well, I can assure you, the games I have mentioned render a 1920x1080 framebuffer and do not upscale (or to say it in other words: the rasterizer renders into a 1920x1080 memory buffer). You can accept this or not. I leave that up to you.

One reason would simply be, the PS3 cannot upscale 720p to 1080p. There is no Y-Scaler. It can to some basic X-scaling which is best used if the field size is an even multiplier of the target line length - resulting in strange buffer resolutions like 960x1080; you gotta fix the aspect ratio manually). You can do Y-Scaling in SW, sure. The result is a blurry picture like in RB6V.

720p game run 720p on the PS3. Even if you activate your menu in 1080p/i mode. It will only scale, if a) the game forces it to (like RB6V) or b) the game allows a fallback in case the PS3 does not have the 720p option active (in case your (old) TV can only display 480i/480p and 1080i but nothing else). But even then, this case must be explicitly activated by the game vendor. If not it will simply scale down to 480p/i.

Enough PS3 excursion. (Why do I even respond...). Subject is Halo 3 in 1080p. Sorry guys (and gals).

FadeToBlack4116d ago

Sorry but you are incorrect about the ps3. I have the ps3 and it cannot upscale from 720p to 1080p as i have tried with resistance and motostorm and it wont do it. While games such ninja guiden sigma ran at a native 1080p resolution. It is very much possible to run native 1080p games on both the 360 and PS3. The question will be how many graphical attributes will be running in the game and the hits you would take in performance for the higher resolution.

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Raptors4116d ago

I thought Bungie said that the game would be locked in at 30fps and 720p? If they can pull it off then great, I just hope they didn't sacrifice game performance for it to run at 1080p.

Trauma4116d ago

Campaign is locked at 30 fps and 60 fps for multi. For the graphics the last I read was that its scaled to 1080p.

i Shank u4116d ago

be funny if there's an armor permutation that adds a little armor flap between the legs and swings while teabagging

tplarkin74116d ago

I only have 1080i (or 720p), but that is great news. It looks like Halo 3 will be polished. Of course, that's no surprise.

Marriot VP4116d ago

that's all anybody has.....really

don't feel bad, very few people can drop a couple thousand for a 1080p

TheSadTruth4116d ago

it's probably a mistake.. they pretty much confirmed it wouldn't run at 1080p in a weekly update before as well

no game can run at 1080p with environments the size of Halo 3... at least on this gen of consoles

i Shank u4116d ago

its been confirmed for awhile the game runs in 720p and is upscaled to 1080p when selected

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