A New PS3 Exclusive Game From Atlus; Might Be at TGS

On IGN's Podcast Beyond ep. 12 , they have said that Atlus is working on a new exclusive game for PS3 which might be the next Persona. Apparently, Atlus is trying to figure out when to bring out information about the game. IGN said that they're thinking about getting us the info after TGS.

If you've never heard of Persona, it's a hidden RPG gem, even amongst the hardcore gamers. Because of the nature of that, it's not some huge system seller so for the people that only care about sales, this isn't what it's going to be. However, if all you care about is great games, here's another one.

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MK_Red3936d ago

Wow, Persona for PS3!??? That would be a killer. Persona 3 on PS2 is getting rave reviews right now. Can't wait.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3936d ago

Every exclusive matters these days, because the console war is much tigher. Anyway, exclusive titles for PS3 always have to get you excited, unless your an XBOX 360 fan and vise versa.

damnwrx3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Keeps it from being bought off...If you catch my drift

lonestarmt3936d ago

man persona 3 is prob the rpg of the year. This huge A++ for a JRPG fan like myself. One complaint about my ps3 is there isn't enough of games like this. Thank god there are still good rpgs coming out on the ps2.

resistance1003936d ago

yes at present, theres not many. However in the future you have the likes of white Knight Story, FF13, FFvs13, Star Ocean IV, Disgea3, the last renmant and more to keep us JRPG fans going ^_^

lonestarmt3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I know there are a lot coming out. I just mean as of right now. PS3 is the next gen system to get if you like JRPGs. I hope they make one more xenosaga, and maybe a direct sequel to xenogears!!

Naruto3936d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.