Regular edition of Dead Space 2 on PS3 includes Dead Space Extraction demo

As opposed to the collector’s edition, the regular edition of Dead Space 2 on the Playstation 3 will be getting a demo to Dead Space Extraction instead of the full product.

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Sneak-Out2733d ago

I remind that Dead Space 2 will only available as a Limited Edition on like Need for Speed.

Mmmkay2733d ago

it's available as ltd. etd. and collectors edtition. no regular one.
if the lim. etd. only has a demo on it I have to change my preorder....

captain-obvious2733d ago

EA always put demos in their games
back on the PS2
i remember NFS:MW had domes like
007 form Russia with love and some other game that i dont remember

burnout paradise on the PS3 had demos like BFBC and i think dead space if im not wrong
so yah
whats new in here ?

Mmmkay2733d ago

did i say something was new?
and burnout paradise doesn't have any demos on the disc... bfbc and dead space did not either. at least not on my copies....

andron6662733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Well this is what they said at E3 2010. Jump to 3:00 in the video...

rezzah2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

You make no sense.

This is good news since you get something extra even if its a regular copy.

Still, the exclusive set with be better because of the full game.

sinncross2733d ago

This is slightly disheartening... I hope the demo does not mean that Extraction in the limited edition (or whatever) is a PSN download.

I mean, it must be a PSN download if a demo comes with the regular edition but I'm hoping EA pull a MOH for those who get the limited edition and have DS Extraction on disc.

jack_burt0n2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Limited edition is same price as regular but its a limited run and includes the full extraction game.

Basically if you buy it early you get a whole free game for no extra charge.

Philoctetes2733d ago

I was torn between DS2 and ME2 anyway, since they come out within a week of each other. If the Limited Edition doesn't come with Extraction (the whole game, not just a demo), then this makes my decision a lot easier.

talltony2733d ago

This sucks, But whatever Ill be playing dead space extraction in lbp2 that week.

rbanke2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

This article is slightly confusing. There is no 'regular edition' at first. Like several EA games, the 'regular edition' will be the 'limited edition'. So if you pre-order, or get it soon after launch, you'll have either the Limited, or Collectors editions.

In fact, go to!p... and look at the section that states 'Free DS Extraction with Pre-Order of Limited Edition', the link then takes you to amazon's web page which ONLY has a standard and collectors editions. (the gamestop link actually states limited, but also there is no 'regular edition' available for pre-order).

Later on, when the first run 'limited edition' runs out, there will likely be a second print which will then only include the demo.

Long story short, if you get it at launch/pre-order you WILL get extraction regardless of which version you buy.

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jack_burt0n2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Yeah contact your retailer if you have preordered, they have done a bit of a crap job of letting people know imo.

Supposedly it was all preorders, now its 2 seperate products, unlike the demons souls black edition etc.

SonyNGP2733d ago


They didn't say anything about a demo!

LoaMcLoa2733d ago

Yeah, at the start it was the whole game!

SonyNGP2733d ago

I'm talking about Extraction. EA never mentioned it being a demo for the standard edition.

LoaMcLoa2733d ago

I'm also talking about Extraction. At the start, every copy of Dead Space 2 for the PS3 would've contained the full version of Extraction

HolyOrangeCows2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

The Limited edition is the same price, it's just limited.

The regular edition will come when the limited ones run out.

But I can see that common FUD has won this one. Now everyone believes that you have to buy the more expensive edition of Dead Space 2 to get extraction.

Spider0502733d ago

They said Dead Space 2 limited edition price is same as Dead Space 2 price

Whats the point of Dead Space 2 and Limited edition when price is same but one has extraction demo and other has full game?

Croash2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

How is this lame?
It only means those who are only interested in buying the regular edition of Dead Space 2 will still be able to try out Extraction.
And I've never seen before that Extraction would be available with the regular edition, so the demo is a nice idea.

Then of course one could say that a PSN demo would be much better(and I'd agree with that) but since Extraction was released a year ago, people have already seen what it is about, so the demo isn't so important in the end.

SlxTeN2733d ago

Its lame because they explained it poorly, i understood that every ps3 version will have dead space extraction but now its only demo ffs, who the fook needs demo.

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