Lens of Truth - Head2Head Mass Effect 2 Demo Screenshot Comparison (HD 720p)

Lens of Truth Writes "Today we finally got our hands on the long awaited PS3 Demo of Mass Effect 2. ME2 was one of the best games released for the Xbox 360 in 2010, and PS3 gamers now get their chance to own this masterpiece on one nifty disc. How does it stack up against the 360 demo of the game? Is it worth upgrading to the single disc PS3 version if you already own it for the 360? Find out in our latest demo Head2Head."

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NYC_Gamer2734d ago

the 360 version seems to have more detail in some areas

LunaticBrandon2734d ago

Looks like Bioware was hyping for sales.

Baron792734d ago

Surprising from them too. They are supposed to be a top notch dev. Hopefully this is only an early demo from a long time ago...

SaberEdge2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I learned long ago not to trust IGN about things like this. When Bioshock came out for the PS3 IGN said that it looked better than the 360 version and then when I played it myself it was obvious that they were full of it.

So somebody at IGN has a history of trying to mislead people on things like this.

Prototype2734d ago

And I care a demo looks good because...
Buying the game day 1 regardless how a demo looks

NewMonday2734d ago

Still much better for the PS3, specially for gameplay screen, this is actually good work.

toaster2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Looking like the PC version will still be the best version. And boy is Jacob BLACK on the PS3.

2734d ago
Substance1012734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

So PC version continues to be the lead version. Steam is holding holiday discount there is a good chance this will be on discount for as lil as 5-10usd.

PC gaming is truely the most economic and superior way to game these days.

cakeisalie2734d ago


I remember having gotten this game on Steam for about 13usd on the last discount. True game savings on PC can be crazy.

Happy i didnt wait for the PS3 version.

crxss2734d ago

all i know is that Miranda looks hotter on the PS3 version. but overall the 360 screens look a little better. hope the ps3 version looks better when the game gets released.

SnuggleBandit2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

To me the lighting seemed a lot better on the ps3 shots, which makes the farther away shots look better.

However, when its up close, that same brighter lighting takes away from some of the texture detail on the faces.

RageAgainstTheMShine2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I just played the PS3 Demo of Mass Effect 2 and man are these sites BIG LIARS!!!

Do these so called journalists have any conscience or responsibility with the lies they are spreading?

Hits or bribes or both?

It just so happened that I am equipped and ready to test these misinformation. I am playing ME2 on a 2010 46" 120 Hz Samsung HD TV Model and tinkered with all the video settings. And the PS3 demo version looks Fantastically DETAILED even on the very bright Dynamic Setting.
You can actually see the skin pores of the facial textures be they in game or CGI.

These are obviously edited images to make the supposed to be non-PS3 version look better. In Photo editing software it could either be done by adjusting the Brightness, smoothing filter, or Bypass Blur etc.

Unlike most American developers out there, Bioware is a respectable Canadian company here in Edmonton, Alberta founded by scientists not spin doctors. When they say Unreal Engine 3 they mean it.
They have a reputation of making graphically superior multi-platform games on the PS3.

The PS3 version is not on Uncharted 2's level but it sure is the graphically closest any 3rd party developer has ever done IMHO.

I cannot comment on the graphical superiority of the PS3 version with the 360 versions coz I gave away my Xbox but Bioware will not lie with their press release.

Its a shame Lens of Truth has shamed them selves to the low ranks of Digital Foundry.

captain-obvious2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

wait wait
so the preview version looks better than the 360 version
but the demo looks worse ??

wtf ?

bageara2734d ago

ive just tried the PS3 demo and on my TV not only does it look better than those PS3 screenshots it also looks better than the 360 screenshots....Lens of Truth my arse

JohnnyBadfinger2734d ago

I think its quite clear that both consoles have completely different default gamma and brightness settings.

But its sad to see such a top Developer do such a dodgy port job... I think its safe to say the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is a testing ground for the new ME3 engine.

But you would honestly expect some sort of effort... i realise that ME3 would take priority here, but the PS3 fans still deserve the best that can be delivered... when these latest images are far from great.

It wont affect game play and you shouldnt let it affect your purchase for the game. Because the overall package of ME2 is epic.

Kurt Russell2734d ago

Nerds don't seem to appreciate how difficult it is to port over to PS3... Then shout about sloppy devs and other shit they don't have the 1st clue about because they once played Uncharted 2.

Traveler2734d ago

Ok guys I really don't see where people are coming to the conclusion that the 360 version looks better. To me they just look different from each other.

The only thing that worries me is that I have heard some people on another site saying that it has problems with screen tearing and framerate drops. Can anybody confirm or refute this?

Traveler2734d ago

Sadly I just confirmed it for myself that this version has screen tearing and the frame rate seems jerkier. Bummer. But playing it also reminded me of what a good game it is, so for those that haven't played it please don't let this dissuade you from playing this great game.

ProjectVulcan2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

When the IGN vid popped up i was one of the few people claiming that some areas seemed to look better on PS3, but indeed some seemed worse and we didnt know the performance either. I got lambasted for that with many many disagrees and aggressive people swearing at me.

Im not here to stick it to all those people, im here to warn off future behaviour. If someone has an opinion or points differing to your own, there is no need to start a flame war and hurl completely unprovoked abuse at said person...

Performance of the demo is.......adequate. Not great not terrible. Assuming the final is the same then if you have not played this game on any other platform you will still enjoy it greatly.

frostypants2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

"You can actually see the skin pores of the facial textures be they in game or CGI." can on the 360 version as well, dude.

They look basically the same. The lighting is just handled differently.

Can't everyone just agree that the graphics are close enough that no one is actually going to base their purchase decision on that? Buy it for whichever platform you own. If you own both, it's a toss up (360 version costs almost as much when the DLC is factored in).

RedDead2734d ago

360 version look a bit better, but how is it in motion? That's where the Ps3 shines I always thought( Textures not as good, but everything else is better )

Anon19742734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

After that 2010 exclusives head 2 head LOT did, if ever there was a question regarding their 360 bias, that put it to rest. If you had a look at their ridiculous Exclusives head 2 head where they cherry picked exclusives and all their staff admitted that all they do is play Halo anyway in their conclusions - it's clear which side of the fence they lean on.

It was articles like that coupled with year after year of dubious conclusions where other comparisons often DID NOT find the same issues that LOT came out with that's lead me to now question anything LOT says. They simply aren't credible and all one needs to do is read their laughable 2010 Exclusives face off to realize that. 360 fanboys, the LOT of them.

NOW gamer did a comparison of the demo as well and guess what? The PS3 version CLEARLY has the edge. Compare for yourself.
Compare the textures and the lighting on the character's arm from the PS3 to 360 version. What do you think?
Or how about these?
Practically identical, other than the 360 looks a little darker. Kinda makes you wonder where the hell LOT is getting their screenshots from, doesn't it? Maybe taking pictures from a lower res setting and then scaling the image up? What do you guys think?

Better yet, watch the Eurogamer faceoff of the two demos on the link below. It's clear the PS3 version comes out on top.

2734d ago
RedDead2734d ago

Atleast the differance isn't that big, anyone rememebr the dif between the Operation Flashpoint dragon rising one? I was so fu**ing issed when I found out how much better the other 2 were than my one.

IcarusOne2734d ago

I think the take-away here is that ME2 looks about just as good on PS3 as it does on 360, which is to be commended given the difficulties with porting to PS3. Anything else is impossible to judge as the consoles have entirely different video out standards, gamma, and chroma settings.

If I were a PS3 only guy, I'd be damn happy that the game hasn't been gimped by the process.

ASTAROTH2734d ago

I havent played the demo yet. Ive played the 360 version and I hope for a year old game to be better... at least run better. At the same time for me Lens of Truth comparisons are S#it!!! Just look at the Dead Space 2 demo and the "superior" 360 version. I played both and for me they are identical. Even I cant detect the more "sharper" 360 version. If they said the contrast was darker its ok but saying it looks sharper because its darker... LOL!!! You are very profesional LOT!!!

ShinMaster2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )


Edit: Demo?

gam3fr33k2734d ago

Wow you guys are such tools. It's still the same great game. Get off your console's nuts...

Motorola2734d ago

I dont get the problem, they both look good. The PS3 and 360's shadows are just different...

NinjaAssassin2734d ago


No it isn't because it is darker. Set the brightness in the menu to be the same on both versions. If you can't see that the 360 version of Dead Space 2 is clearer and sharper then you really need to make an appointment to get your eyes checked.

Spydiggity2734d ago

it's clearly better on the 360, but nothing to make the ps3 only owners skip out on it if you like that sort of game (i thought it was good but not great).

what i don't get is how can it look slightly worse a year later? and why are they even bothering. i doubt the game will sell much more than half a million copies.

Gawdl3y2734d ago

It's an unfair comparison, due to the fact that the PS3 screenshots are from a demo, which contains highly compressed textures in order to fit in a 1-3 gig size. For a truly fair comparison, we'll have to wait until the full game comes out.

Shepherd 2142734d ago

If i recall, i posted on IGN's PS3/360 ME2 comparison video when the player "Meets Jacob", and i commented on how IGN made the 360 version look much worse than the PS3 version.

No way in hell did the 360 version look like how IGN made it look, it was awful. I think IGN just wanted hits.

PS3 version looks good enough btw.

Kazu0 Hirai2734d ago

how can you possibly think the ps3 version is better? based on the links you provided, and the lens of truth comparisons, the xbox 360 version is more detailed, has better color, better lighting, better shadows, and better anti-aliasing. also the ps3 version is definately more washed out, as is the case with most multiplatform games. keep your delusional fanboy rants to yourself.

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DaThreats2734d ago ShowReplies(2)
morganfell2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Look at them in motion then try to honestly reach the same conclusion. All you have to do is look at the mech coming at Shepard and Jacob here:

Then look at the screenshots from lens of truth and ask if the screens resemble the videos.

@newmonday, lens of truth do not understand settings in the PS3 Display such as Super White, RGB, Cross Color Reduction, or Deep Color.

No Way2734d ago Show
samuraiX2734d ago

lens of truth are obviously lying

Look here:

jack_burt0n2734d ago

Yes it has been confirmed that Lens of Truth were lying, this is a genuine comparison.

Improved lighting, differences in shadowmaps but overall a higher avg fps its def an upgrade.

evilunklebud2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

You are arguing over minutia.... It's a great game, just play it on whatever system and get over it.

frostypants2734d ago

morgan, you can tell very quickly that the 360 side of that IGN comparison is from a lower-resolution source feed. It doesn't look anywhere near that bad.

I have this game in my 360 as we speak. I have played the demo on my PS3. They are THE SAME, people.

It's like comparing Modern Warfare on the 360 and the PS3. They're 99.9% identical. I know this sucks for the purposes of bickering, but it's the truth.

Condemnedman2734d ago

You may be right morganfell but when did that stop you spreading your one sided vision of everything PS3 related ?

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NewMonday2734d ago

Why doesn't the Lens of Truth use the same bright settings for the 360 screens?

Blaze9292734d ago

lol...the 'definitive' version huh? Sure....

Starting to believe this port was done by EA themselves and not BioWare's main team. How can a newer version of the game, running the newer engine, look worse than the two older versions released a year ago (timing when the ps3 version releases).

maybe it's just the demo?

solidt122734d ago

I don't see any consistence with these photos. The first few has more detail on the 360 version than all the rest of them look way more detailed on the PS3.

el zorro2734d ago

Way more detailed huh? Yeah right. There are a couple that are debatable, but none of them are "way more detailed on the PS3". Most of them look better on the 360 and a couple others are debatable.

In terms of just basic visuals it isn't a huge difference, but if the ps3 version truly does have screen tearing like some are reporting that would mean the 360 version is definitely better.

On the other hand, it is such a good game that it's good that PS3-only owners will finally get to play it regardless if it is slightly lower quality.

ct032734d ago

"all the rest" looks "way more detailed on the PS3"?

What about the second picture from the bottom? Look at the facial detail.

What about the third picture from the bottom? Note how the starfield is resolved better and much more visible.

Time_Is_On_My_Side2734d ago

At el zorro:

You do know that the PlayStation 3 version they added the input from the earlier versions of the game, four missions, extra free content (DLC), back stories on certain aspects of the game all on one disc.

Not only is the game coming out later, they also get the extra content for free just for waiting.

frostypants2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

How is the extra content "free" when the 360/PC version is $19 and the PS3 version is $60? Sure, all all the DLC is included in that, plus some bonus stuff. But it's hardly "free". You're paying for all of it. It's still a fair deal.

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specialguest2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

BioWare got some s'plaining to do. The PS3 version was supposed to be superior, or at least on par. Why are there missing reflections on the shiny floor, poor lighting, missing stars in space, and bad shadows?!?

UNLOADEAD2734d ago

This Comparison is Fake. No Lie, I literally just got done playing the ps3 demo for mass effect 2 no less than 10minutes ago. I could see alot of the facial hair detail while playing and i could see it so clearly and now i see the comparison and I'm Not Joking, There calling the 360 screen shots and the ps3 screen shots. Fuck Lens Of Truth, Lens of Liars! I have Mass effect 2 for 360 also and I can't believe the switched the screen shots. If you believe the 360 won, You clearly didn't play the ps3 demo.

el zorro2734d ago

I'll find out if you are lying pretty soon. I am only a few minutes away from having it downloaded on my ps3. I've played the crap out of the 360 game so I will know pretty quickly how the PS3 version stacks up to it.

gamer20102734d ago

He's lying, it doesn't look as good as the 360 version. It doesn't run as good that's for sure. And yes, i have played both versions.

Graphics2734d ago

As soon as I started the ps3 demo I knew it didn't look right. The ps3 version is too bright and lacked a lot of detail, it makes the people look more fake while in 360 characters looked more smooth and had a more realistic tone. this LoT comparison confirms what I believed.. Oh well... it is a muliplat.. what did people expect...

Achemki2734d ago

They'd expect you to know the demo has its own brightness calibration logo in the options menu. Use it. Anyone saying it's too bright is a newb. Learn to calibrate. If you have HDMI, throw it on RGB Full Range and tweak it to a test pattern. Problem solved. Someone tell Lens of truth to start making comparisons with some Lens of common sense. If the hardware has a feature that makes the picture deeper & richer if your TV supports it, then do it up.

ironmonkey2734d ago

something fishy going on here just played the demo didnt look like that. ill play it again

Masterchef20072734d ago

i am going to do the same thing. I mean after what IGN said and the Devs said plus being one year in development i dont believe tha the PS3 version is worse than the 360 one

showtimefolks2734d ago

that not only they tried to do the best port but also fix minor issues so its still all good and if this is on me3 engine it suppose to look better on ps3 that should not be a surprise

Christopher2734d ago

This seems really off. Especially since the Jacob graphics don't match up with the PS3 video we've seen of him.

heroprotagonist2734d ago

The problem is, IGNs video didn't match up to my 360 copy either. As far as I know Lens of Truth uses direct capture of the source.

Dsnyder2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Wow judging a game based on the demo? Demos are compressed so its obviously going to look worse. Still some screens showed an advantage for the ps3 so its obvious that ps3 will win in the final build.

rrw2734d ago

the Only glaring difference is the shadow is better on PS3. other wise it simply matter between which one lighter/darker.

and why does face on 360 somehow look older than ps3

krisq2734d ago

All I see is an artificial detail caused by stronger grain filter.

krisq2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Thank you for disagrees. You apparently have no idea how post-processing works and when to use it.
Watch some Blurays and you'll see.
If they would put such strong grain on PS3 version, they would look the same minus the better ligting on PS3.

pain777pas2734d ago

If you have the game at home or have a gaming PC download the PS3 demo and the demo on steam. Try them both and you will see that the lighting has been enhanced and the graphics have improved in detail believe it or not. I do not know what the settings are on the TV they are using to display the image but I just started playing the demo for like 2hrs until it crashed after both fans were turned on. Now, what people have to realize like DA origins this game is not about graphics. As you can see this is not the be all end all graphically. However, the gameplay and immersion are right up there with the top RPGs in the business. Do not get caught up in the graphics debate to be honest some say GTA4 looked better on the xbox some thought the PS3 looked better. DA Origins was better on the PS3 graphically day one. You can easily see that the lighting has been enhanced from the outset and some textures have been bumped up. The game is just not that stunning graphically. The game is immersive, fun and interesting. Do not pass on this game because of what they say. Try the demo yourself and you can see that if you change the lighting to a more Killzone 2 realistic lighting system with the same art assets this is what you get. I see differences in the lighting everything else seems the same and some textures have been bumped up.

Bull5hifT2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I never liked how the lens of truth doesnt turn off the cross coler reduction filter(makes colors bland so they dont bleed over each ither on crappy t.v's) and they dont turn on the RGB to full so they can see the colors go into deep range, and dont turn on the y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White on( it pops in a good way, as the clouds and rays glisten bright) .... I bet they use the green blue red wire instaed of the hdmi just to bring the ps3 down, have they ever had a ps3 game that won? . I prefere to play without the grain filter, i dont remember looking for a 1080p t.v. Just to have sand block everyother pixel, its annoying, same as vice city, i played it without streaks.. Only after i beat it once with the 80's Blur

Koolno2734d ago

It's lens of lies guys, don't be surprise to see different results from others websites/blogs.

samuraiX2734d ago

Lens of Truth are lying, i have the demo and the 360 version

and the PS3 version looks WAY better, sharper textures and better lighting,

The Creep2734d ago

this comparrison is stupid. of course the ps3 versions gonna look better. its using a newer engine thane the 360 version that caame out a year ago. the mass effect 3 engine

tatotiburon2734d ago

lol so much for the superior version, and it even looks worst

FanboyPunisher2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Do you guys know the first thing about cross platform development and how when you cross platforms hardware becomes very different (AKA--You need to find a medium)..

Different in the sense that in order to take advantage of one (PS3 for example) it alot of cases can greatly hamper game design.

So they take they most compatible (easy to use) platform and use it as a standard (which lowers costs). Then they tailor the game as well as they can to the PS3, this doesnt mean the CELL can render GEO like a video card to makeup for the PS3's vertex/pixel shaders which is why you see the PS3 slightly less impressive as the xbox on this game.

Look into it, fanboys can really be blind.

When it comes to any multiplat game, you can easily see the Xbox is the better platform. Unless devs take the approach of cratering the game to the PS3, then to XBOX..but the Xbox actually isnt fully used in this situation, as transferring effects that the SPU's may be doing to the CPU/GPU can be a heavy task to accomplish properly.

Simple as this...

You care about XBOX VS PS3 for multi platform, get an Xbox (Unless the game you want to play from Square Enix--lol). Owning both consoles is great too, you get the PS3 exclusives and Xbox/Live online/multiplat goodness.

Or own a PC..and graphics dont even matter when you have many many times over the fidelity of a console using far outdated GPU technology.


Vherostar2734d ago

Hmm Not sure what to believe with this one Lens Of Truth are a bit off for comparisons on many occasions but this is a demo and from the past we have been given demos from old builds it's not something new. The comparisons IGN did game directly from the version that's going to be on shelves and that looks a lot better. I love how the 360 fanboys are turning on IGN here though yet stick up for them when it comes to the high BS review scores etc.. 2 sides to every fanboy..