HipHopGamer Responds To Dan Hsu's #1 Journalist Is Here HHG Vs The Industry Vol 4

Competition makes for better games just as well it makes for better Journalist but how do you determine who's truly the best. There has been plenty of articles recently about the HipHopGamer and the state of Journalism as a whole but, how can one man shake up the industry so much, so fast, in a short time?

The answer is PASSION and while so many journalist nowadays lost it, it seems that HipHopGamer is bringing it back in a unique way but there's some forks in the road that has to be addressed and Dennis Scimeca seems to have alot to say but BACKS DOWN when it's time to go live in front of the camera.

In This Video Kudo Tsunado, Alex Evans of media molecule makes a nice appearance and you don't want too miss this

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deadreckoning6662911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Hiphop, as far as the grammer thing, we KNOW what your saying. The problem is that your a gaming journalist. Your grammatical and overall writing skills should be at the upper echelon of the population.

If simply, "knowing what your saying" is sufficient for you to call yourself a gaming journalist...then what seperates you from the average guy on the street who says "Obama beez da president of America?"

I KNOW what hes saying...but would you say that a person who normally speaks this way is fit to be a news journalist?

Personally, I'm fine with the way you relate your ideas most of the time...but most people that rely on good journalism aren't as forgiving as I am. However, I can always appreciate a person who has good verbal wit a.k.a Torrence Davis. You can learn a lot from him without having to change your entire persona.

morganfell2911d ago

In the midst of attacking HHG everyone should also take a swipe at Dan Hsu. He really deserves a sound slapping.

This guy ran EGM into the ground.

Look at his editorial expertise and objectivity. The PS3 had only been out in the US and Japan for 4 months. It was selling faster at that time than the 360 did during it's same window. It wasn't launching in the EU and rest of the world for another 2 months. Yet Hsu picked a cover showing the PS3 with a tomato slammed against and the cover asked what went wrong with the launch.

The cover said the PS3 was under attack. Yes it was...from little maggots like Hsu himself.

He stated in his column that he laughed at Sony executives when he showed the the cover a month or two before it was published. Laughed? How professional and as I said, objective.

No game company has ever had to spend a billion dollars on a mistake. Where was the EGM RROD cover?

The guy is a slimy little creature and the gaming community would be better off without journalists that, rather than reporting the news or offering insight, instead attempt to shape the news, direct the events, tamper with the truth. It is the equivalent of judicial legislation from the bench and something without which the gaming community on all sides would benefit.

Hsu's moral high ground is more of a punji pit. Good riddance.

mikeslemonade2911d ago

Also Dan Shu's favorite games are Gears, Forza, and Splinter Cell. He says Gears 1 is a perfect 10 out of 10 despite declaring many flaws in his review.

04soldier2911d ago

Who the hell is Dan Hsu... I know who Hip hop Gamer is.. But this is the first I'm hearing of Dan.

HHG is giving him publicity even if its bad publicity.

barom2911d ago

Dan Hsu ran EGM when it was good actually. It was once James Mielke took over that everyone started leaving for some reason (and then a few got fired).

That said, yes he is quite the Xbox fanboy. At least initially, seemed like that cooled off over time. He's actually one of the few who likes 3D gaming and don't mind the glasses.

As for HHG, I think his videos are fine and due to that he doesn't need the proper Grammar skills or wutnot. If he was a real journalist then sure (as in writing a lot) but with today's technology a video journalist can do it just fine without proper grammar. I think he's pretty good at communicating his ideas too. It's just that his ideas are often just bs and he's just making stuff up to sound more exciting.

Perjoss2911d ago

why do some people take gaming 'journalism' so seriously?

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BattleAxe2911d ago

Keep doin whatchya doin HipHop, cause I appreciate what you're doin a hell of alot more than what most of these other "run of the mill" guys do out there.

EyobeB2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

yeah let the haters hate.. but most of the constructive critism to your show comes from the gaming rumors that you put out. I personally like them because although they are not completely confirmed, you give the earliest info on things. For example, the time you rumored Kratos on mortal Kombat. Some advice would be to cut up your show up a little more into separate parts and name one as "rumors" or something.

Tru_Ray2911d ago

Agreed. I like HHGs videos because I find them entertaining. Quite frankly, I used to listen to Podcast Beyond every week before Chris Roeper got laid off and Greg Miller took over.

After a long hiatus, I broke down and listened to their last podcast, which was ostensibly focused on Sony's stellar 1st party lineup for 2011.

No joke, those clowns basically talked about their various drinking misadventures for about 40 minutes and spent 5 minutes talking about the games coming out in 2011. WtF?

I am in my mid-thirties, so listening to nerds exchange stories about "teh worst hangover evar" is not particularly amusing (I've been there and done that). This an IGN Podcast. I was hoping that they would provide some insight and compelling commentary about the VG industry, but all they did was giggle and snicker like a bunch of school girls. Hella funny, dude. I am obviously not their target demographic.

Anyways, I think that it is great that there are different voices in the industry. I do not believe that HHG is beyond reproach, but at least he has a distinct voice within the chorus of uninteresting, uninspired, and unfunny journalists.

numberonepain2910d ago

Epic battle axe has a great podcast. I like those guys the most. Daniel can get ridiculous but he can't destroy the chemistry among the wit of the three's banter together. Check it out!

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iamtehpwn2911d ago

HHG isn't as bad as many people make him seem. While I still think the titles for his video are wild exaggerations, I have to admit, his videos are fairly entertaining.

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Otheros002911d ago

HHG is going to get slammed again. Don't know why people keep posting his videos if so many people hate them.

jashmister2911d ago

I think he posts them himself

silkrevolver2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

...I think he gets a group of people to approve his articles right away so they don’t fail the approval process immediately... but that’s just my guess.

TheLastGuardian2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

There's no way a HHG video could ever fail. His articles always heat up and that's just what N4G and HHG want. I wouldn't be surprised if HHG works for N4G.


As a trainee you should at least know all he can do is post his vids for submission it's up to contributors to approve the submissions.

Does anyone know what they are talking about before they post.


And the goverment was behind 911...conspiracy nuts

If HHG puts up a submission of course he would send it to his fellow contributors to review for approval. It's called networking it's something that adults to help promote themselvs. What seems to escape you is that those contributors still have the option to either not read his email or to simply decline the request.

I'm gonna put out a challenge to you cats who hate how about you put up some content where others can see you, attend the events and get the same level of coverage. Until that happens just shut the hell up and keep HHG out of your pie hole.

jashmister2911d ago

@THILLREBORN The approving article system is stupid because all sorts of useless videos and shit get through it, it doesn't make sense I don't think any intelligent person on this site has a idea how the shit gets approved
Seriously look at the top right now and see "6 kills one bullet" useless COD:BO video that sucks anyway, whats up with that?

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BeAGamer2911d ago

most people hate hiphopgamer because he posts sensational & often times misleading headlines that are pure flame-bait

silkrevolver2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Nobody likes a liar/misleader... also: his reviews are the most unreliable things since Launch 360’s.

vickers5002911d ago


I've seen one or two of the guys videos, and I actually thought they were pretty good and interesting (aside from that stupid a$$ wrestling belt which serves no other purpose than making him look like a fool), but his BS sensationalist/lying/misleadin g headlines just piss me off too bad to the point where I'm not going to support him in the slightest.

HipHopGamer if you read this, then I (and probably many others) would actually start watching your show and visiting your website if you stopped doing that bullsh*t. Though I'm pretty sure you don't care and think you're perfect as you are and that any criticism towards you (constructive or not) is simply from "the hataz".

But if you do care and if you do stop lying/misleading/sensationaliz ing, I will start watching your show regularly. You probably think to yourself when you hear something like that "Other journalists do it all the time, so why shouldn't I be able to?". Well to answer that, there is no reason for you not to do that, but wouldn't you rather be respected and have integrity than be known as that dishonest guy who sensationalizes everything?

Just ponder over which is more important to you. You're a cool guy, but you need to stop bs'ing if you want to be taken seriously.

Zeevious2911d ago

Vickers...I 100% Agree.

As I said a few articles back to Hip' at this point I don't even have to do anything...this article and others like it make my point for me.

This "I'm the best ever...EVRR!" article is every point I could ever make, written by Hip' himself.

It's like watching a self-fulfilling prophecy -- Past the apex of it's arc.

Zeevious2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

"how can one man shake up the industry so much, so fast, in a short time?"

Easy...Mix your articles with this part part part tabloid sensational headlines...

Add one wrestling belt and blend with an assortment of checkout-quality headlines:

"3D Without Glasses Is Here! 240hz Killzone 3 Destroys The Competitors"

"A Glimpse of PS4 On PS3 240hertz Gaming Is Real HHGS 11/28/10"

"Infamous 2: Great Enough To Do Halo Numbers, Best Open World Tech This Generation"

"Microsoft Big Plans Crushed By Sony But, New IP’s Are On The Rise HHGS 8/22/10"

"Microsoft Licensing Xbox Live Services To Sony, Will Sony Do It? Backlash Episode 5"

"Sony Wins The Motion War This Video Confirms It, Thanks Heavy Rain"

"Xbox360 Fanboy Gets Owned While Defending Microsofts System Sales Just Isn't Enough"

Hip' this is in my opinion, embarrassing!
I can't believe you actually wrote this, YOURSELF to pat yourself on the back! You're basically saying how fantastically great you are. Ever heard of the term 'Self Aggrandizing' ?

Hip' seriously man, is anyone else seeing any professional journalist who "BACKS DOWN" or even thinks there's something to back down from?

These kinds of titles and articles just lowers your credibility and respect by another notch man.

I mean, at this about I start a parody show starring my Grandma'


Pack up the Denture-Cream boys, cause this Granny's gunna' rock her walker and won't back down...even if she breaks a hip!

She's JUST as credible, and deserving JUST as much respect as you, in my opinion.

Stop telling us all how great you are and get back to gaming without the tabloid headlines.

Now I have to go, Granny 'HipHurtLamer's going for the high-score on Super Rub-A-Dub or Gears 3...Whichever comes first.

CrzyFooL2911d ago

I see HHG as more of a "Hype Man" than a journalist.

Drjft2911d ago

This is just an ongoing saga.

Mr Tretton2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

omfg, such pretentious bullshit. Not that I didn't know that about this guy already.

No good journalist ever needs to respond to anything or 'defend' themselves. A confident journalist's word is done when it's done. And then you move on. You gain your credibility through your work, not buy trying to defend it. If you're good, your work speaks for itself. You're not going to convince people you're good (except for the most dimwitted.)

I expect repsonse from HHG in this thread like he does in the others, something else a journalist wouldn't do.

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